WAUC-AM 1310

Original Call Letters: WAUC

Originally Licensed: May 5, 1958
Original City of License: Wauchula
Original Frequency: 1310
Origin of Call Letters: Location: WAUChula
Original Power: 500 Watts Daytime
Original Location: 1310 S Florida Ave
Translator: 2018-W271DH-FM 102.1
Original Format: Country

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press Radio  (Westar III Satellite)


1958-Hardee Broadcasting Company
1964-WAUC Broadcasting Co.
1969-Wauchula Broadcasting 
1973-Barco, Inc.
1977-Poucher Broadcasting, Inc.
1983-Heartland Broadcasting Co.
1986-WAUC Radio 
1993-Marlene Ayala 
1997-Dora A. Cruz 
2001-Marvina Enterprises, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WAUC-1992-Oldies  "Pure Gold" 
WAUC-2017-Country   "Heartland Country Favorites"
History Of WAUC
Two Radio Outlets In Hardee Merge 
The Tampa Tribune  Apr 10, 1971 
Wauchula (By Staff Writer) 
Radio Stations WAUC and WPRV(-AM 1600, Wauchula) have merged and broadcasts now are coming from Station WAUC, the owners announced. Jerry Brush and his mother, Georgia M. Brush are owners of WPRV, while WAUC is owned by Sam Rosenberger and his father, Richard Rosenberger. The owners have petitioned the Federal Communications Commission for approval to form a corporation to run the merged stations. WPRV has been silent for several days. Both are located outside the city limits of Wauchula.

WAUC Will Boost Power, Double Broadcasting Area
Wednesday, October 3, 1979
ERNIE NEFF Tribune Staff Writer

Wauchula radio station WAUC, 1310, has received permission to increase its power from 500 to 5,000 watts. The increase in power will approximately double the AM station's official broadcasting area, making it a regional rather than local station. Don Poucher, president of Poucher Broadcasting Inc. and general manager of WAUC, received official notice of the Federal Communication Commission's approval Tuesday morning. A post card from the commission informed him approval was granted on Sept. 19. Poucher said work would begin "immediately" to construct facilities to allow the increase. He expects the station to be broadcasting at 5,000 watts by next April. WAUC, which plays what Poucher calls "contemporary middle of the road" music, will be the most powerful AM station in Hardee, DeSoto or Highlands counties once it starts broadcasting at 5,000 watts. ". The largest increase in service area will be to the south and east, since WAUC will directionalize its signal toward Sebring. The station's signal is currently non-directional. The signal can now be received at a distance of about 25 miles from Wauchula near Sebring and Arcadia and points between those two cities. The FCC has given WAUC approval to have a signal that will not interfere with other stations to be picked up as far away as Palmdale in Glades County, roughly 50 miles from Wauchula to the southeast. A non-interfering signal will also be available as far west as Lorida in Highlands County. While a certified non-interfering signal will be picked up 50 miles away, an audible signal will be available even farther away to the west and south. The station's official broadcasting area will not increase much to the north and west. The official non-interference line will still be near Fort Meade to the north and barely into Manatee County to the west. As with the southern and eastern area, however, the signal will reach even farther to the north than Fort Meade. It previously has not. WAUC's signal will also be stronger in all of Hardee County, Poucher said, explaining there are now some areas of southeast Hardee where the signal is weak. The station will remain a daytime operation and will continue to play the same type of music, "soft pop with some pop country crossover tunes and pop from the past," Poucher said. Hardee County and Wauchula will remain the "primary concern," of the station, he added. Local advertisers in Hardee County, he said, will continue to pay the same rates. Some changes will accompany the power increase, however. For one thing, there will be more emphasis on news. "I anticipate stringers in every city that we cover, and a full-time news director," Poucher said.  And the station will for the first time be able to charge higher rates for regional and national advertisers since the listening area will be expanded. The radio executive said about $100,000 will be spent on the expansion to 5,000 watts. .

Names in WAUC History
Robert S. Taylor-1958-President-Hardee Broadcasting Company
E. D. Covington, Jr.-1958-Executive Vice President-Hardee Broadcasting Company
Claude White-1958-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Hardee Broadcasting Company
Robert Ford-1958-Chief Engineer-Hardee Broadcasting Company
Bill Ferguson-1959-General Manager/Chief Engineer-Hardee Broadcasting Company
Royce D. Plummer-1964-President-WAUC Broadcasting Co.
Robert V. Rogers-1964-General Manager-WAUC Broadcasting Co.
Chris Plummer-1965-Afternoons-WAUC Broadcasting Co.
Sara Plummer-1965-Promotions Manager-WAUC Broadcasting Co.
Jerald A. Brush-1972-Program Director/Chief Engineer-Wauchula Broadcasting 
Richard Rosenberger-1973-President-Barco, Inc.
Samuel L. Rosenberger-1974-General Manager-Barco, Inc.
Donald W. Poucher-1977-President/General Manager-Poucher Broadcasting, Inc.
Carol Poucher-1977-Program Director/Music Director/1978-Station Manager-Poucher Broadcasting, Inc.
Jesse Newman-1983-President-Heartland Broadcasting Co.
James A. Hardman-1985-General Manager/Sales Manager-Heartland Broadcasting Co.
Marc Valureo-1985-Program Director-Heartland Broadcasting Co.
Clinton Moore-1985-Chief Engineer-Heartland Broadcasting Co.
Ted L. Hite-1987-President/General Manager/Sales Manager-WAUC Radio 
Ted Hite, Jr.-1987-Program Director/News Director/1992-Operations Manager-WAUC Radio 
John McShaffrey-1987-Music Director-WAUC Radio 
Jean Hite-1987-Promotions Manager-WAUC Radio
Jim Kowalski -1987-Chief Engineer-WAUC Radio
Chay Gonzales-1994-General Manager-Marlene Ayala Ownership 
Robert Ayala-1995-General Manager-Marlene Ayala Ownership
Marlene Ayala-1997-Owner
Marlene Ayala-2001-Presidernt-Marvina Enterprises
Victor Gonzales-2001-General Manager-Marvina Enterprises, Inc.
Merta Ayala-2002-General Manager
Arturo Pacheco-2007

John Mullis (JJ)-2017-President-Hardee Broadcasting, LLC.


Glenn Sims
Bob Partee
John Wright

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Florida Football
Florida State Football
Atlanta Braves Baseball
NFL Football

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