Lou Josephs     Biography

Lou was at WRMF-AM 1050 in Melbourne from 1973 until 1978. Originally hired as production director, he became Program Director of this "Hot AC" station. Then it was off to Philadelphia as Production Director of  the "Famous 56", WZZD in 1978/1979. WZZD went from "Hot AC" to an AM Disco station. WZZD began as WIBG, "WIBBAGE", one of the most influential "Top 40" stations of it's time. WIBG was one of the first 24 hour-a-day Top 40 stations in a top 10 market in America. In 1979, Lou moved on to RKO owned WROR-FM, Boston. Lou began as  Production Director as the station flipped from an automated format to live jocks. Lou would end up as Assistant Program Director and Research director. Lou would be there until 1979. 1989 until 1990 saw Lou working for RCS, "The Selector"  folks. Lou did a lot of work in Europe, where he became involved with French radio. From 1990 to 1996 Lou went to work as PD for the Deer River Broadcasting Group. Deer River owned WXLO, Worcester MA, WIZN, Burlington, VT and  WLKZ, Wolfeboro NH. At the same time Lou became a research director for DMR, the largest telemarketing company for Radio/TV in the US.  Lou left DMR in 2000. Lou now works in the IT field, but still dabbles in broadcasting. Lou now makes his home in the Avenel area of  Potomac, MD. and does the tournament for radio (see www.avenel.net and the TPC website). Lou also does freelance voice work for Pirate Radio via the Internet from Russia. He is also a Research and IT consultant for Radio Netherlands in Hilversum, Netherlands from a home studio.

In 2004 Lou began working at the Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector-General. He maintains the "web server farm" and works with field offices as well. Lou says they also have streaming media, using Real Player and eventually that will be available "on the other side of the fire wall." 

12-21-11 From Lou Josephs, "Retired from IT 5 years ago. I have an incurable brain disease. called Fronto Temporal Dementia. I have the behavioral variant. Still have many years in front of me while they try to find a cure. Google it if you want to know more. Doing ok, fighting off the effects as best I can. Always like to hear from old friends, my email is loujosephs@gmail.com".

8-2-18 Just learned Lou Josephs
(Joseph Louis Buczynski) had passed in July of 2016. Read his obituary here. In Memory