WHGN-FM 104.3

Original Call Letters: WAVQ

Originally Licensed: Oct 1, 1994

Original City of License: Inglis

Original Frequency: 104.3

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 6,000 Watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Christian Programming/Music

Network Affiliation(s):


1994-West Coast Radio
1997-WAVQ-FM, Inc.
1998-Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministry, Inc. ($1.2 Million)
2003-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. ($525,000)
2010-Florida Radio USA LLC 
2010-Burt Sherwood of Sherwood and Associates, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WAVQ-1994-Easy Listening/Beautiful Music  “The Wave”  “Relax 104.3”
WAVQ-1997-Music of Your Life   “The Gull”
WHGN-1998-Religious/Christian Teaching and Talk “We Have Good News”
WIFL-2000- Religious/Christian Teaching and Talk
WIFL-2003-Variety (Jack) “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2005-Contemporary Hits  “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2006-Adult Contemporary/Talk  “Xtreme Radio”  
WIFL-2008-Adult Standards "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Adult Standards/Talk "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Talk  "Frank Talk"
WOGF-2010-Talk  "News Talk and Sports"

WHGN History
In an effort to bring more Christian programming and music to Citrus County airwaves, a ministry organized by Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church in Lecanto, accepted a donation that allowed the broadcast ministry to purchase a local radio frequency to be used solely for Christian broadcasting. "What happened is that someone, who was familiar with Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church, our outreach and what we are all about, came to us and said that he would like to give us a radio station,'' said Chuck Morgan, director of administration for the church." "The stipulation for accepting the gift is that we wouldn't turn around and sell it, but that we would us it in our ministry. So we had to make the decision as to whether we wanted to go into the ministry of radio broadcasting,'' he said. "After much deliberating and soul searching the elders of our church decided that in fact this was the Lord's leading, so we accepted the gift with the understanding that we would give it our best effort to make a go of it for at least three years. In return the donor agreed to pay all expenses of the station for the first three years,'' he said. Morgan said that the donor gave more than $1-million to Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministry Inc., which then purchased WAVQ  on March 31, 1998. The donor wishes to remain anonymous. The call letters have been changed, he said, to WHGN "Light 104.3". WHGN stands for "We Have Good News".

Names In WHGN History

C. W. “Bill” Caldwell-1994-Station Manager-Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministry 


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