WEAG-FM 106.3 

Original Call Letters: WPXE

Originally Licensed: Aug 20, 1976

Original City of License: Starke

Original Frequency: 106.3

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: EAGle 106.3

Original Power: 3,000 watts

Original Location: 1421 S. Water St., Gainesville

Original Format: Modern Country

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System


1976-Sanders Enterprises, Inc.
1984-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.
2019-Estate Of Benjamin F. Dickerson-Carole Decelle, Personal Rep
2020-Mary M. Kramer

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WPXE-1978-Country Western/Black
WEAG-1984-Modern Country   "Eagle Country"
WEAG-1989-Adult Contemporary  "Love 106.3" 
WEAG-1993-Modern Country

WEAG History
WEAG was patterned after the former WEGL-FM 106.1 in Philadelphia. Owner Ben Dickerson had been an engineer and sportscaster for WCAU-AM 1210, Philadelphia, before moving to Florida and, along with his wife Ruth, acquiring the former WPXE-AM/FM. In 1989 WEAG became adult contemporary "Love 106.3" dropping the "Eagle" moniker but keeping the WEAG call letters. In 1993 "Eagle 106.3" returned with a format change back to modern country.

Names In WEAG History
Benjamin Dickerson-1984-President-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.
Ruth Dickerson-1984-General Manager-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Josh Bula-1986-1990-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Chuck Kramer-1990-Operations Manager/Mornings-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Mary Kramer-1990-Mornings
/Office Manager-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.
Steve Lewis-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Lyn Kramer-Air shifts/News Writing/Reporting/Production/Producing The Friday Night Tornadoes broadcasts-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Penny Mitchell-Assistant Operations Manager/11AM-2PM-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Larry Shipley-2006-10AM-11AM-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Bobby Sherman-2PM-7PM

Joani Williams-7PM-Midnight

Bill Saul-Midnight-6AM

Thom Fisher-Sports

Charlie Dereck

Darcy Clark

Gary Reynolds

Johnny O'Neil

Jerry Walker

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