WPER-AM 1340 

Original Call Letters: WPER

Originally Licensed: 1940

Original City of License: Deland

Original Frequency: 1310

Origin of Call Letters: Initials of owner Paul E. Raymond

Original Power: 250 Watts

Original Location: 1050 Woodland Blvd

Original Format:

Network Affiliation(s):

Owner(s): 1940-Tropical Broadcasting

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WPER-1940-On 1310
WPER-1941-Frequency changed to 1340

History of WPER
On November 26, 1940 a construction permit was granted by the FCC to the Tropical Broadcasting Company of DeLand. The company consisted of Paul E. Raymond, the Dean of the Law College of Stetson University, G. M. Peek, an architect, Charles K. Tribble, a physician, E. K. Jones, a building contractor, V. M. Fountain a clothing merchant, W. H. Acree, a local Ford dealer, R. B. Lipcome, bank cashier, and J. Phil Wahle, a local merchant.  WPER, which was yet to take to the air, was required to change frequencies from 1310 to 1340 in 1941. The plan was to broadcast from 1050 Woodland Blvd. Due to the uncertainty of operating during war time, Tropical Broadcasting returned their construction permit to the FCC  on January 27, 1942.

Names In WPER History

"Paul" Carl E. Raymond-1941-President-Tropical Broadcasting Co.
V.M. Fountain-1941-Vice President-Tropical Broadcasting Co.
W.H. Acree-1941-Secretary Treasurer-Tropical Broadcasting Co.
R.B. Lipcome-1941-Tropical Broadcasting Co.
J. Phil Wahle-1941-Tropical Broadcasting Co.

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