WHNR-AM 1360
Cypress Gardens

Original Call Letters: WINT

Originally Licensed: Nov 1958

Original City of License: Winter Haven

Original Frequency: 1360

Origin of Call Letters: Winter HaveN Radio

Original Power:  5,000 Watts/2,500 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Adult Standards 

Network Affiliation(s):

ABC Information
Florida's Radio Network


1958-Angelo Fazzari & Bruce Parker
1964-Winter Haven Broadcasting 
1966-WINT, Inc. 
1967-Suwannee Broadcasting
1972-Vantage Broadcasting 
1983-Newman Media 
1987-Seehafer Broadcasting
1990-George Allen & Steve Samet 
1993-GB Enterprises Communications  ($250,000)
1998-Frankie J. Grover
2006-Martin Santos
2007-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp.
2007-La Poderosa, LLC.  (LMA)
2011-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp. 
2011-Florida Spanish Communications Corp. ($1,000)
2012-Media Services Group (George Reed-Receiver)
2013-Martin Santos
2014-Catco Communications, LLC
2018-Ferris S. Waller (Walco Enterprises)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WINT-1958-Variety/Top 40
WZNG-1975-Top 40
WZNG-1979-Adult Contemporary
WYXY-1983-Adult Contemporary
WHNR-1990-Adult Standards 
WHNR-1993-News/Info/Big Band
WHNR-1998-Urban Adult Contemporary "Power 1360"
WHNR-2006-Spanish "La Ponderosa"

A Bit Of History of WHNR
In 1993 WHNR-AM filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Owner Frankie Grover, who's illness negatively impacted the Urban station, continues to operate the station he bought back in 1995. News reports stated that Grover has been behind on loan payments and other bills and has about $500,000 in debt.

8-2011-Martin Santos of G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp. sells WHNR to Francisco Arredondo of Florida Spanish Communications Corp. for $1,000 cash.

Names In WHNR History

George Allen-1990-President-Florida Community Radio, Inc.

B.J. Nielsen-1990-General Manager/General Sales Manager-Florida Community Radio, Inc.

Jim Greenfield-1990-1995-News Director/Public Affairs Director/Host of "The Coffee Club" live  from Cypress Gardens-Florida Community Radio, Inc.

Terry Lombardi-1990-Public Affairs Director/Production Director-Florida Community Radio, Inc.

Tony Verity-1990-Mornings/Music Director-Florida Community Radio, Inc.

Jim Sweeney-1990-Public Affairs Director-Florida Community Radio, Inc.

Jeff Thomburg-1990-Chief Engineer-Florida Community Radio, Inc.

Hank O'Neal
(Henry (Hank) Burdick)-1993-1994-Mornings-George Allen & Steve Samet Ownership  In Memory

Frankie Grover-1995-CEO/President/General Manager/General Sales Manager/2001President/General Manager/General Sales Manager/News Director/Chief Engineer-GB Enterprises Communications
P.J. Allen-1995-Station Manager/General Sales Manager-GB Enterprises Communications
Duree Brown-Grover-1995-Promotions Director/Music Director/Public Affairs Director-Florida Community Radio, Inc.
Scott Allen-1995-News Director-Florida Community Radio, Inc.
Jerry Smith-1995-Chief Engineer-Florida Community Radio, Inc.
Kelly Karson-1997-Program Director/Music Director-GB Enterprises Communications 
Diva-1997-Program Director-GB Enterprises Communications
Terry Hill-2000-Program Director-Frankie J. Grover
Ron St. John-2002-Assistant Program Director-Frankie J. Grover
L.A. Batchelor-2004-Program Director-Frankie J. Grover
Blair Braxton-Program Director/Afternoons-Frankie J. Grover

Dick Eyrich

Joe T (Joe Trivette)

Robert Pickering

Scott Hooker

Hank O'Neil-Mornings
Don Pittman-Operations Manager

Chris Williams-Program Director

Lawrence Craig

LaShonda Love-Promotions                                                            

Terry “The Real Deal” Hill-Program Director
Cené Houser

Angelica Storm

C.J. Allen-Station Manager

Stacy Powers-Talk show host

Jermaine Shepard-Program Director

Trinity Taylor-Marketing Director                                  


Trey Rivers (Kevin Baldinger)-Traffic Biography
Francisco Arrendondo-General Manger

Frankie Grover in the WHNR studio

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