WEAG-AM 1490

Original Call Letters: WRGR

Originally Licensed: Feb 23, 1957

Original City of License: Starke

Original Frequency: 1490

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: EAGle Country

Original Power: 650 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Country

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System
Keystone Broadcasting System


1957-Tidewater Broadcasters
1959-Radio Starke, Inc.
1963-George Gothberg Radio, Inc.
1965-Sanders Enterprises, Inc.
1984-Dickerson Broadcasting
2001-Benjamin Dickerson
2019-Estate Of Benjamin F. Dickerson-Carole Decelle, Personal Rep
2020-Mary M. Kramer

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WRGR-1957-Country Western
WPXE-1963-Country Western/Negro
WPXE-1965-Country Western
WPXE-1979-Country Western/Disco
WPXE-1986-Contemporary Country
WPXE-1987-Album Oriented Country
WEAG-1991-Adult Contemporary "Love 106.3" 
WEAG-1993-Modern Country  "Eagle Country 106.3"

Names In WEAG History
Ben Dickerson-1984-President-Dickerson Broadcasting
Ruth Dickerson-1984-General Manager-Dickerson Broadcasting

Josh Bula
-1986-1990-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.
Barbara Navitsky-1988-Sales Manager-Dickerson Broadcasting

Laura Condingly-1989-General Sales Manager/Music Director-Dickerson Broadcasting

Susan C. Lee-1989-Promotions Manager-Dickerson Broadcasting

Benny Anthony-1989-News Director-Dickerson Broadcasting

Chuck Kramer-1990-Operations Manager-Dickerson Broadcasting

Mary Kramer-1990-
Mornings/Office Manager-Dickerson Broadcasting

Lyn Veliz-1990-Mid Days
-Dickerson Broadcasting

Larry Shipley-2006-10AM-11AM-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Bill Saul-Dickerson Broadcasting

Bobby Sherman
--2PM-7PM--Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Charlie Dereck
-Dickerson Broadcasting

Darcy Clark-Dickerson Broadcasting

Gary Reynolds
-Dickerson Broadcasting

Tad Svendsen-3PM-8PM-Dickerson Broadcasting

Thom Fisher
-Dickerson Broadcasting

Terry Vaughan
-Dickerson Broadcasting

Jerry Walker
-Dickerson Broadcasting

Jim Casey
-Dickerson Broadcasting

Johnny O'Neil-Dickerson Broadcasting

Joani Williams-7PM-Midnight

Penny Mitchell-Assistant Operations Manager/11AM-2PM-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Nikki Walker-8PM-1AM-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.

Rich Creeger-Dickerson Broadcasting, Inc.


football_crew.jpg (61290 bytes)
Chuck Kramer is pictured between BHS football announcers David Rodgers (left) and Kevin Howe. Kramer and his daughter Lyn produce the game broadcasts from the station, while Rodgers and Howe do their thing at the game sites.
Bradford County Telegraph

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