WRGR-AM 1490 

Original Call Letters: WRGR

Originally Licensed: Feb 23, 1957

Original City of License: Starke

Original Frequency: 1490

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 250 Watts

Original Location: 945 Temple Ave.

Original Format: Country Western

Network Affiliation(s):

Keystone Broadcasting System 
Mutual Broadcasting System


1957-Tidewater Broadcasters
1959-Radio Starke, Inc.
1963-George Gothberg Radio, Inc.
1965-Sanders Enterprises, Inc.
1984-Dickerson Broadcasting
2001-Benjamin Dickerson

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WRGR-1957-Country Western
WPXE-1963-Country Western/Negro
WPXE-1965-Country Western
WPXE-1979-Country Western/Disco
WPXE-1986-Contemporary Country
WPXE-1987-Album Oriented Country
WEAG-1991-Adult Contemporary "Love 106.3" 
WEAG-1993-Modern Country  "Eagle Country 106.3"

WRJR History
On February 21,1956 Tidewater Broadcasters, Palatka applied to the FCC to operate a new radio station on 1390 Kilocycles. 

Names In WRJR History
R.M. Chamberlain-1957-President/Chief Engineer-Tidewater Broadcasters
Sam Zack-1957-General Manager-Tidewater Broadcasters
Charles Dent-1957-Program Director-Tidewater Broadcasters/1959-Program Director/News Director-Radio Starke, Inc.
Murray Tillman-1959-President-Radio Starke, Inc.
Will Shawver-1959-General Manager/Commercial Manager/1960-General Manager/Commercial Manager /Program Director-Radio Starke, Inc.
C.O. Wright-1959-Chief Engineer-Radio Starke, Inc.
Bob Newman-1960-Promotion Manager/News Director-Radio Starke, Inc.
Don Neele-1960-Chief Engineer-Radio Starke, Inc./1962-Chief Engineer-George Gothberg Radio, Inc. 
George Gothberg-1962-President-George Gothberg Radio, Inc. 
Don Hogue-1962-Sales Manager/Promotions Manager-George Gothberg Radio, Inc. 
Dean Blackwell-1962-Program Director-George Gothberg Radio, Inc. 

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