WNDO-AM 1520   

Original Call Letters: WTLN

Originally Licensed: May 4, 1964 

Original City of License: Apopka 

Original Frequency: 1520 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 5,000 watts  

Original Location: 

Translator: W264DU-100.7 FM (2019)

Original Format: Creole

Network Affiliation(s):

Haitian Radio Network


1964-Alton Rainbow Corp.
1998-TM2, Inc.  
2006-Pennsylvania Media Associates, Inc. (Salem Communications Corporation) ($600,000)
2017-Caron Broadcasting, Inc. (Subsidiary of Salem Communications Corporation)
2019-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.   ($185,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WTLN-1964-Religious/Southern Gospel/Talk  ''1520 The Word''
WTLN-1991-Southern Gospel 
WHIM-1998-Religious/Southern Gospel/Talk   "Faith and Family"
WHIM-2010-Business/Talk  "The Biz"
WBZW-2010-Business/Talk  "Your Hometown Station"
WBZW-2019-Format to be announced 
WNDO-2020-Haitian Creole    "Radio Nouvelle Lumiere" 

WNDO History
Orlando Radio Marketing has closed its acquisition of 5kW Ethnic WBZW-AM 1520/100.7 FM from Salem Communications. This is the third radio station for Sam Rogatinsky in the state of Florida. All three stations feature 24-hour Creole language programming serving the Haitian American communities in South Florida, Orlando and Tampa-St. Petersburg. Rogatinsky has been a friend of the Haitian American community for many years, adding, ďthe Haitian people are very special and represent a very important segment of American culture. They are a hard-working, respectful, and ambitious community that has been overlooked for many years. It is my hope that by building community based radio stations in major Florida markets we will raise the public perception of the Haitian community in the United States. Itís about time that the world recognized the amazing accomplishments of the Haitian community.Ē

Names In WNDO History

Sam Rogatinsky-2020-President-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.

Mario Laguere-2020-Mon & Tue-12AM-3AM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.

MJJ (Marc Jean Jacques)-2020-6AM-11AM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.

Tout Bagay Se Lajan-

Jean Ernst Pierre-2020-"Auto Route Expressway"-M-F-1PM-3PM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.

LeGrand Parisian Salvant-2020-"Auto Route Expressway"-M-F-1PM-3PM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.
Fritz Dorviler-2020-"Auto Route Expressway"-M-F-1PM-3PM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.
Carl Huggens Rene-2020-"Radio News Light"-3PM-5PM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.

Hallan Daphnis-"Hallan & Friends"-2020-Wed-12AM-3AM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.

Pastor Osner Mervil-2020-"LíHeure De La Decission" ("Time of Decision")-Tue & Thu 4AM-6AM-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.
Dr Vie Exceus-2020-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.

Kite Verite Pale-2020-Orlando Radio Marketing Inc.


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