Original Call Letters: WGNZ  Construction Permit

Originally Licensed: 1984 

Original City of  License: Christmas

Original Frequency: 650

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 10,000 watts daytime

Original Location: 

Original Format: Religious/Black/Spanish 

Network Affiliation(s):


Central Florida Broadcasters
1987-Floyco, Inc.

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WGNZ-1984-Construction Permit
WORL-1987-Station moved to 660

WGOR History
PUBLIC NOTICE Central Florida Broadcasters. Carl J. Auel, Marvin B. Clapp and Robert A. Jones, partners on March 14, 1985. filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for modification of construction permit for a standard broadcast station at Titusville, Florida to request authorization to operate on 650 KHZ at Christmas. Florida, with a power of 10 kilowatt a day. The transmitter ia located m Orange County, near Christmas, consisting of a three towers directional antenna system, 256' above ground. Studios will be located Christmas, FL at a site to be determined. A copy of this application and related material, is on file for public inspection at Christmas Realty. 25002 Colonial Drive. Christmas, FL. CL-364 Apr 5.6.11,12.1985

PUBLIC NOTICE On July 13,1987, FLOYCO INC. filed with the Federal Communications Commission a modification of a Construction Permit for a standard broadcast station at Christmas, FL to request authorization to change frequency to 660 KHz: the city of license to Allamonte Springs FL, with an effective radiated power of 10 KW day and 10 KW night, utilizing 3 towers, each 78 meters above ground level and the transmitter site to Hwy 427 near Dog Track Road In Seminole County, near Casselberry. Studios will be located In Allamonte Springs, FL. A copy of the application and related material may be seen al the Altamonte Springs City Library, 281 Maitland Ave,, during normal business hours 

Names In WGOR History
Carl J. Auel1985-Central Florida Broadcasters
Marvin B. Clapp1985-Central Florida Broadcasters
Robert A. Jones1985-Central Florida Broadcasters

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