WHIJ-FM 88.1

Original Call Letters: WHIJ
Originally Licensed: Mar. 30, 1990
Original City of License: Ocala  
Original Frequency: 88.1

Origin of Call Letters:

Original Power: 1,250 Watts

Original Location: 814 N.E. 2nd St.

Original Format: Religious 

Network Affiliation(s):

USA Radio Network


1991-Marion Community Radio, Inc. 
1998-Ocala Word of Faith Church, Inc ($10,000 with WAQV-FM 90.9)
2004-Radio Training Network, Inc. ($80,000 with WAQV-FM 90.9)

History of Call Letters and Formats:

WHIJ-1991-Contemporary Christian  "The Lite"  "Life Radio 88.1"
WHIJ-1998-Adult Contemporary/Educational

History Of WHIJ-FM
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WHIJ.
WHIJ-FM began operations in 1991 with 1,200 watts operating on the non-commercial, educational band at  88.1mHz as "The Lite". The station was conceived by Kwik King Food Store chain executive Brad Dinkins who saw a void in the market and felt Ocala needed a Christian formatted radio station to bring Biblical teachings and spiritual music to the residents of Ocala and Marion County. Dinkins had inquired with several station owners over the years about the possibility of buying an existing station and converting it to Christian programming, however all of the existing station owners wanted "...too much money..." for their stations. Dinkins, instead, did the next best thing and decided to apply for a frequency and 88.1 mHz was chosen. When WHIJ first signed on the air, the station management received numerous complaints from area residents who lived near the broadcasting tower, stating WHIJ was interfering with channel 6 reception. Dinkins offered to install "filters" on the TV sets in question, and this appeared to solve the interference problem. Five years after WHIJ-FM signed on the air, Dinkins and Marion Community Radio, Inc. sold WHIJ-FM to the Ocala Word of Faith Church in Ocala. Ocala Word of Faith modified the format to a more Contemporary Christian format and later sold the station to New Port Richey based Radio Training Network, Inc, aka The Joy FM, which operates WLPJ-FM 91.5 in New Port Richey. Today WHIJ-FM is known as "The Joy FM" and its programming consist of re-broadcasting WLPJ programming with little or no local Ocala programming.

Names In WHIJ-FM History

Dave Cruse-1986-
"The Morning Cruise with Dave, Bill & Carmen"-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Michelle Tellone-1986-Mon-Fri-7PM-11PM/"Warm Up For Worship"-Sun-8AM-1PM-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Brad Dinkins-1991-1996-President-Marion Community Radio, Inc.
Fred Mullin-1991-Consultant-Marion Community Radio, Inc
Mark Okus-1991-General Manager-Marion Community Radio, Inc.
Pam Pugliese-1998-Program Director-Ocala Word of Faith Church, Inc.
James Campbell-2001-President-Radio Training Network, Inc.
Joseph Cerreta-2001-General Manager/2006-Station Manager-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Bryan Scott-2001-Promotions Director/Program Director/
Senior Event Manager, Underwriting-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Dan Brodie-2001-10AM-3PM/Production Director-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Bill Harrier-2002-Network Technology Integration & Traffic Director
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Andy Haynes-2004-Operations Director: WJLF-FM 91.7, Gainesville/WHIJ-FM Ocala/WAQV-FM 90.9, Crystal River
-Radio Training Network, Inc.
Jeff Macfariano-2005-General Manager-Radio Training Network, Inc.
Steve Swanson-2005-Program Director-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Jeff MacFarlane-2008-General Manager-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Jayar-2008-Mon-Fri-3PM-7PM-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Carmen Brown
-2004-"The Morning Cruise with Dave, Bill & Carmen"-M-F-6AM-10AM/Program Director-Radio Training Network, Inc.
Aaron Schultz-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Andrea Jewell
-Gainesville/Ocala/Crystal River Office Manager-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Becky Vargo-Business Ministry Underwriting
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Bill Martin-"The Morning Cruise with Dave, Bill & Carmen"-M-F-6AM-10AM
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Avery Ditmars-IT Department
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Karen Rutherford-Office Manager
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Kris Byerly-Director of Imaging and Production
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Lisa Sapino-Event Manager, Underwriting
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Luisa Rodriguez-Office Staff
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Mary Douglas-"Mary the Money Savin' Momma" - Mondays on Jayar's show-3PM-7PM/Promotions Director
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Terri Cockerham-Events
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

Johanna Antes-RTN Director of Support
-Radio Training Network, Inc.

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