WKTO-FM 88.9

Original Call Letters: WKTO

Originally Licensed: 1998

Original City of  License: Edgewater

Original Frequency: 88.7

Original Power: 29,000 Watts                        

Original Frequency: 88.7

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; "WKeep Telling Others"  

Original Location: 

Original Format: Christian Talk

Network Affiliation(s):


-Mims Community Radio

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WKTO-1998-Christian Talk  "We Keep Telling Others"  

WKTO History
From the WKTO website:
WKTO made application to the FCC in 1989. In 1997, WKTO received a permit to construct and build a 25,000 watt FM station which went on the air in 1999.  Now into our 15th year of ministry, WKTO has its own 410ft. tower and property off Hwy 44.  In 2013 WKTO also purchased the studio building and property located at 900 Old Mission Rd. in New Smyrna Beach, FL., from Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, Fl.
WKTO's motto is WE KEEP TELLING OTHERS and we are blessed to do this because of faithful listeners who partner with us and support us throughout the year.  WKTO is a non-profit, listener supported station.

2007-WKTO moves from 88.7 to 88.9 with a full 29,000 watts of power  

WKTO Personalities

Cason McClain-2002-Program Producer/Show Host
-Florida Public Radio, Inc.
Russell Todd-2002-"Southern Gospel Revival Time"-Mims Community Radio 
Mary Lou Thompsen and Mary DeFalco-2006-"Miracles for Today"-Sat Noon-1PM-Mims Community Radio  
Carol Henry-1998-President-Mims Community Radio/2006-"The Noon Show"-Weekdays-Mims Community Radio   
Pastors Mel and Sandra Rodriguez-2007-"Light of Life Radio" -Wed-Noon-Mims Community Radio 
Larry Linkous-Co-host-"Thee Morning Drive"-6:30AM-9AM-Mon-Fri-Mims Community Radio 
Jason Linkous-Co-host-"Thee Morning Drive"-6:30AM-9AM-Mon-Fri-Mims Community Radio 
Marty Braemer-Host-"Drive at Five"-5PM-6PM-Mon-Fri-Mims Community Radio 
Bill Pearce-Host-"Nightsounds"-11PM and 3AM-Mims Community Radio 
Rich Germaine-"Gospel Jazz"-Mims Community Radio 
Ernie Lansford-"Java, Jazz and Praise"-Mims Community Radio 
Frank & Ruth Mlodzianowski-Polka & German music-3:30PM-5PM-Sat-Mims Community Radio 

Other Names In WKTO History
Tina Perdue-Mims Community Radio 
Donna Long-Mims Community Radio 
Barbara Deshler-Mims Community Radio 
Roberta Griffith-Vice President-Mims Community Radio
Jeffery Essick-Mims Community Radio 





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