Original Call Letters: WFTU

Originally Licensed: 1968

Original City of License: Orlando

Original Frequency: 900

Origin of Call Letters: Owner; Florida Technological University

Original Power: 5 watts

Original Location: Florida Technological University Campus

Original Format: Variety

Network Affiliation(s):


1968-Florida Technological University

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:


WFTU History
The University of Central Florida was authorized by the Florida State Legislature in 1963, and opened in 1968 as Florida Technological University, with the goal of providing highly-trained personnel to support the Kennedy Space Center. 
From Donna Karen Rosenblum: "...(The ) studios (were) on the bottom floor of the Library building. It broadcast over cables and its signal could ostensibly only be heard in the student dorms.
From Terry Schenk: "...While WFTU was a low powered station back then, primarily designed to serve the campus, the signal was receivable in Winter Park as that is where I lived at the time and I could hear the station there.

WFTU Personalities
Chris Schmidt-Station Manager-Florida Technological University
Chip Monk-1971-1972-Mornings (Mon, Wed and Fri)-Florida Technological University  

Terry Schenk-1971-1972-Mornings (Tues and Thurs)-Florida Technological University    

Michael W. Lowe
-Music Director-Florida Technological University  Biography

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