Original Call Letters: WFTU 

Originally Licensed: 1968  

Original City of License: Orlando  

Original Frequency: 900

Origin of Call Letters: Owner; Florida Technological University

Original Power: 3 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Variety

Network Affiliation(s):


Florida Technological University

History Of Call Letters and Formats:


History of WFTU-AM

The University of Central Florida was authorized by the Florida State Legislature in 1963, and opened in 1968 as Florida Technological University, with the goal of providing highly-trained personnel to support the Kennedy Space Center. 

From Donna Karen Rosenblum: "...(The ) studios (were) on the bottom floor of the Library building. It broadcast over cables and its signal could ostensibly only be heard in the student dorms.

From Terry Schenk:
"...While WFTU was a low powered station back then, primarily designed to serve the campus, the signal was receivable in Winter Park as that is where I lived at the time and I could hear the station there.

Thanks to Todd Hyder for this information on WFTU-AM.
WFTU-AM operated on  "carrier current."  No FCC license required for the on-air folks.  It's effective range was limited to the dormitories/campus and the signal began to fade out once one drove across Alafaya Trail.  In the evenings, interference from a powerhouse station in Cuba could play havoc and would often override the anemic 2-3 watt signal of WFTU.  In 1973, the station was located in the same building as the university's library.  The "director" of the station was Dr. Tom Morgan, and the chief engineer who kept everything patched together was Art Carlson. Michael W. Lowe was the music director and made sure everyone showed up for the shifts to which they were assigned.  From time to time, Vince McGough (who had a full time air shift at WDBO) helped out providing some on-air instruction to the bumbling & nervous student staff, as well as lending a hand when one of the machines went on the fritz (it was all donated hand-me-down gear). Vince also helped students prepare for their 3rd class FCC license.  This "ticket" was a must-have if one was to get hired on at a local broadcast station.

Names in WFTU-AM History

Rick Stacy-1968-signed on the station for the Campus Radio/TV Program where he served as the Program Director and Manager for two years-Florida Technological University

Terry Schenk-1971-1972-Mornings (Tues and Thurs)-Florida Technological University

Todd Hyder-1973-1976-Florida Technological University

Chip Monk-Mornings (Mon, Wed and Fri)-Florida Technological University  
Matt Kay-Florida Technological University  

Michael W. Lowe
-Music Director-Florida Technological University 

Dr. Tom Morgan-Station Director-Florida Technological University

Art Carlson-Chief Engineer-Florida Technological University

Vince McGough-Florida Technological University

Donna Rosenblum-Florida Technological University

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