WHGN-FM 91.9
Crystal River

Original Call Letters: WXJC

Originally Licensed: 1992  

Original City of License: Crystal River  

Original Frequency: 91.9 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 18,500 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Religious/Southern Gospel

Network Affiliation(s):

Moody Broadcasting Network


1992-Christian Family Cinema, Inc.
2000-Wings for Christ, Inc.
2001-Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministries, Inc.
2003-Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WXJC-1992-Religious   “Exalting Jesus Christ”
WHGN-2001-Religious   “We Have Good News”

History of WHGN
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WHGN.
West Central Florida’s 50,000 watt Christian powerhouse FM started out with very humble beginnings. It all began in 1986 when former 100,000 watt Christian station WRYO-FM 98.5 was sold, and the new owners changed the format to adult contemporary with new call letters - WKTK. This left West Central Florida without a local Christian voice, so a group of concerned religious leaders, headed by Peter Swartz, formed Christian Family Cinema, Inc. and plans were made to find another radio home for the former WRYO religious programming. Six years later WXJC-FM ("Exalting Jesus Christ") went on the air with 18,500 watts on 91.9 MHz. Interestingly the WXJC  transmitter site was located at the former WRYO tower site which had been vacated when WKTK (the former WRYO) moved  to a new, taller tower located approximately 20 miles North of Citrus County. The original studio location was in  Homosassa Springs off Grover Cleveland Boulevard, also know as “Chicken-Farm Road” because of all the poultry farms that once lined both sides of the highway many years ago before developers purchased most of the property. WXJC operated from a donated double wide mobile home from the Grover Cleveland site for almost nine years. In 2001, Swartz sold WXJC-FM to C. W. Caldwell who had purchased the former WAVQ-FM 104.3 three years earlier. WAVQ had become religious formatted WHGN and was donated to the Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministries. However the 104.3 class A signal had limited reach. With the WXJC purchased, Caldwell was able to increase the 91.9 power to 50,000 watts with a slight tower move. A new tower was constructed approximately three miles North of the original tower location in an area just off Old Homosassa Trail between Homosassa and Crystal River. The original WHGN became WIFL with the WHGN call letters (We Have Good News) moving to the 91.9 frequency along with all WHGN programming under a simulcast arrangement. The studios were moved from the mobile home in Homosassa Springs to the Meadowcrest Office Complex in Crystal River. After three years under Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministries, the Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church, Seven Rivers Broadcast  Ministries’ parent, decided to sell both stations. The original WHGN, which had become WIFL, was sold to Sabatino Cupelli becoming Jack formatted “WOW 104.3”, while the new WHGN-FM 91.9 was sold to the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. The Meadowcrest studios went with Cupelli and WIFL, while WHGN became a relay station for WKES-FM 91.1  Lakeland, another Moody radio station serving Tampa Bay. Today WHGN programs a variety of inspirational music, Bible teaching and Christian talk programs catering to and serving the listeners in a 7 county area primary residing in West Central and Central Florida.

Names in WXJC History 

Peter Swartz-1992-President-Christian Family Cinema, Inc./2000-President-Wings for Christ, Inc. 

Names in WHGN History

C. W. “Bill” Caldwell-2001-President-Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministries, Inc.

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