W246BT-FM  97.1                                                           
W246CK-FM 97.1 
Kissimmee/Orlando FL

Original Call Letters: W245BE  

Originally Licensed: Nov. 2004
Original City of License: Clermont
Original Frequency: 97.1
Origin of Call Letters: 
Original Power: 27 Watts
Original Location: 
Original Format: Spanish Christian

Network Affiliation(s):


2017-iO2  (Oidos Ninety Seven Uno) (LMA)  

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

W246BT-2016-Spanish Christian    "Alma 97.1"
W246BT-2017-Bilingual Top 40   "Boom 97 Uno"
W246BT-2017-Bilingual Top 40   "Oi2 97 Uno” 
W246BT-2018-Spanish CHR

History of  "Alma 97.1"

Alma 97.1 debuted in the Spring of 2016 on WRUM-100.3-HD3 on two Orlando area translators. W246BT-97.1 in Clermont and W246CK-97.1 in Kissimmee. 

Alma 97.1 Becomes Boom 97 Uno       4-19-17
A new format has come to two Central Florida translators. iHeartMedia’s Spanish Christian Alma 97.1 in Clermont and 97.1 in Kissimmee is now "Boom 97 Uno", Bilingual CHR available for syndication. 

Boom 97 Goes Bust       5-4-17
Seems Radio One already owned the trademark "Boom" radio. So  “Boom 97 Uno” will become “Oi2 97 Uno”. 

Oi2 97 Uno Personalities
Michelle Ciotti
Luis ‘El Coyote’ Ortiz
DJ Semaforo



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