WURB-FM 97.7
Cross City

Original Call Letters: WURB

Originally Licensed: Jul 2011

Original City of License: Cross City

Original Frequency:  97.7

Origin of Call Letters: Call Letters: WURBan

Original Power: 25,000 Watts

Original Location: 1101 North Main Street, Gainesville

Original Format: Adult Urban Contemporary

Network Affiliation(s):


2011-Alex Media
2013-Urban One Broadcasting Network, LLC   ($325,000) 

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WURB-2013-Adult Urban Contemporary "Today's R7B, Hip Hop and Classic Soul"
WURB-2015-Permit Cancelled

WURB History
WURB is the first station for Urban One Broadcasting Network. President William Johnson described the music to be aired as a blend of R&B and blues. The stationís key demographic is African Americans aged 34 to 65. Programming will include the "Steve Harvey Morning Show" and even gospel music. The station is scheduled to be on air by Dec.1, 2013.

The Latest ON WURB      6-24-14In Order to get the station on the air, Urban One Broadcasting Network has applied to downgrade their signal from a Class C3 with 25,000 Watts to a Class A with 6,000 Watts. The construction permit expires in July. WURB-FM 97.7 will be based out of Cross City but Urban One Broadcasting plans to relocate to the city of Fort White to offer a better signal in Gainesville. The application, for the move, will be filed after the station is put on the air. 

WURB Is No More        4-13-16
The FCC has cancelled the license of WURB-FM 97.7, Cross City. A construction permit was granted to Alex Media, Inc. in 2011. Urban One Network, LLC purchased the permit in 2013. The stationís planned key demographic was black Americans ages 34 to 65.

WURB Looses Their Latest Battle      7-19-16
The FCC has dismissed a Petition for Reconsideration by owner Urban One stating that "
...arguments are impermissibly raised for the first time on review, and accordingly are dismissed.  "...all of the new arguments are meritless, and as a separate and independent basis for denying the Application for Review, we reject them..."

Names In WURB History
Alexander Berger-2011-President-Alex Media
William Johnson-2012-President-Urban One Broadcasting Network, LLC


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