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Bob was kind enough to fill us in on his career. In an email from Bob; "...After leaving WKIS(-AM 740), I started an independent production studio called Startrip Productions, Inc. I produced radio commercials for ad agencies and soundtracks for audio visual presentations (many of which won numerous ADDY Awards) before selling the company and moving to Ventura, CA. I worked in LA at Buzzy's Recording Services for about a year before returning to Orlando and opening Bob Barnes Creative Services. In about 1980, when the motion picture studios moved to Orlando, I began doing some professional on-camera work including commercials, TV shows, and addition to audio production. In about 1989, I closed the production studio to return to my home state of Indiana, where I've been doing voice-over work ever since..."
Bob has also co-starred with Jack Warden and Roy Scheider in the HBO films “Judgement” and “Somebody Has To Shoot The Picture” and was featured in the films “Ernest Saves Christmas” and “Psycho IV” among others. On TV, Bob has appeared on all four major networks. He was featured in two “Movies of the Week”--as a judge in CBS’s “With Hostile Intent” (co-starring Melissa Gilbert and Mel Harris) and as a psychiatrist in NBC’s “Roxanne, The Prize Pulitzer” (with Perry King and China Phillips.) He’s appeared on the ABC soap “All My Children” and was seen regularly as the Warden on Fox’s “The Adventures Of Superboy” and as the Deputy on The USA Network’s “Swamp Thing.” He also was the voice of “Steamer” on the short-lived “Camp Itchyfish” series with the late Soupy Sales.
Bob has appeared as spokesperson in many national commercials as well. 

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