The Florida Record & Radio Reunion

The Florida Record & Radio Reunion Group, represented by one of the country's leading music promotion people, Tom Mazzetta, announces an open reunion event on May 7th in Orlando, Florida. The party will be held at one of Orlando's well-known hotspots, McWells Restaurant & Bar, 4757 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, to members of the Florida record, radio and music related industries respectively. The hoopla and hijinks will bring together old friends and new in radio and broadcast industries, musicians, record promotion staffers as well as, indies, record labels, music publishers, producers, club/concert promoters, recording artists, retailers, agents, managers, journalists and those both behind and in front of the music scene in Florida. The event will be closed to non-industry people as the response to the reunion has been  overwhelming.
With the frequency of radio and industry conventions decreasing and the costs leaping higher each event, there  are fewer and fewer opportunities for music "industry-ites" to gather, share ideas, friendship, old war stories and meet new friends and contacts. All of the camaraderie without those boring convention meetings!! Look for some interesting surprises as well as far as "name" artists stopping by to sit in with the band!!
Proceeds from the reunion will benefit
"The Mike Award", honoring longtime radio veteran, Mike Lyons. This honor is presented to the most deserving local high school student in the fields of Communication & Journalism. The reunion celebration is open to veterans of the Florida Record & Radio industries, no matter where you currently reside or when you were involved involved in the Florida music scene. Veterans of the Florida music business, come home to the Sunshine and Reunite with old friends!! (and make some new ones). Admission to the event is a recession-friendly, non-refundable $25.00, ($35.00 after April 1st). PLEASE respond with your RSVP and payment ASAP!!
Checks & Money Orders Only Please to:
NIWOT, CO 80503
(O) 303 652 0326
(C) 720 318 8796
***McWells 407 855 4006

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