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From Mark's email: "...I started out doing the all night show (at WKIS-AM 740).  After a couple of years on air, I shifted over to become Gene Burns' engineer. In the spring of 1977, we worked 90 straight days without a day off to help boost the station's ratings during the sweeps. Bob Poe was Gene's producer in those days.  He later went on to become the GM. I enjoyed working with Gene tremendously. He is a fantastic talk show host.  We were a great team.  We used to celebrate from time-to-time at Freddie's Steak House in Fern Park. Gene loved good food and he taught me a lot about wine. Another person that helped make WKIS successful was John Loving. John was the Chief Engineer of the station and he became my mentor.  It's because of John that I was able to make the transition to engineering. I left WKIS in 1977 to work as Chief Engineer of WRMF-FM 98.1 in Titusville.  I was only there about a year and then moved to WPLP-AM 570 in Pinellas Park.  While at WPLP, I was "discovered" by Ray Rask of the Mutual Broadcasting System.  I moved to Washington in 1979 and took over as the "Assistant Director of Satellite and Corporate.


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