WLOQ-FM 102.5  (W273CA)

Original Call Letters: W273CA

Originally Licensed: Aug 2011

Original City of License: Indian Lake Estates

Original Frequency: 88.7

Origin of Call Letters: Defunct WLOQ-FM 103.1

Original Power: 250 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Smooth Jazz

Network Affiliation(s): Broadcast Architecture


2010-Central Florida Educational Foundation, Inc.
2011-Clear Channel (Lease Holder)
2018-Central Florida Educational Foundation, Inc.

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WLOQ-2011-Smooth Jazz (Broadcast Architecture's Smooth Jazz)

WLOQ History
In 2011, Central Florida Educational Foundation, Inc. leased to Clear Channel, a translator which they are using to rebroadcast  WMGF-FM 107.7 HD2 which broadcasts the Smooth Jazz format dropped by WLOQ-FM 103.1  after its sale. 

Where Have You Gone WLOQ?     2-13-14  
In a shake up at Clear Channel,  WLOQ-FM 102.5 will be available exclusively on 107.7 HD2, live PC streaming and on the iHeartRadio App. If you already listen to our live PC or iHeartRadio Stream, nothing changes. If you listened to WLOQ at 102.5 FM, you can now tune us in with an HD Radio or iHeartRadio. You can listen from any computer by visiting www.WLOQRadio.com

WLOQ Personalities

Kenny G-2011-Co-host-Weekdays-6AM-10AM-Clear Channel

Sandy Kovach-2011-Co-host-Weekdays-6AM-10AM-Clear Channel

Miranda Wilson-2011-Weekdays-10AM-2PM/Weekends-2PM-7PM-Clear Channel

Maria Lopez-2011-Weekdays-7PM-6AM/Weekends-7PM-12m-Clear Channel

Allen Kepler-2011-Weekends 6AM-10AM-Clear Channel

Erica Lee-2013-2014-Weekdays 6AM-10AM-"Wake Up With Erica"-Clear Channel   Biography


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