WOCB-AM 1020

Original Call Letters: WOCB

Originally Licensed: 1926

Original City of License: Orlando

Original Frequency: 1020

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: "Orlando, City Beautiful"

Original Power: 50 watts

Original Location: Newell Electric Building, 23 South Main St.
Original Format: Full Service

Network Affiliation(s):


1926-Chase and Company & Newell Electric Company

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1926-Full Service    "Voice of the City Beautiful"                                                                       
Orlando Sentinel Nov. 1926

History of

LOCAL STATION WOCB CATERS TO CENTRAL FLORIDA RADIO FANS       Orlando Morning Sentinel     Nov. 14, 1926
Since it began operation several weeks ago WOCB has not only been maintained by Orlando people, but has catered first of all to Orlando em central Florida radio fans. The station is owned and operated by Chase and Company, citrus fruit packers and shippers and the Newell Electric company, one of Orlando's most prominent electrical supply and fixture companies. William Justice Lee, an authority on radio affairs and technique, J. J. Newell, of the Newell Electric company, and Ed Little, also of the Newell company, are in charge of the station. All of these men are experienced in affairs pertaining to radio broadcasting and transmission, and after several months of work inaugurated Orlando's first radio station several weeks past. The actual operation of the station has been delegated to H. P. Danforth and Harry Maurer, both of whom are familiar to Orlando and central Florida radio fans as experts in this line of work. Danforth is in complete charge of programs to be broadcast over WOCB, and has been designated as the announcer for the station. Maurer has taken charge of the operating features of the station, so that WOCB may nightly end out its voice with perfect control. At present, the broadcasting over WOCB is confined to dinner programs, sent out between 6 and 7 o'clock at night, and market reports, containing information on the stock market and, for the benefit of Florida radio fans, reports on the citrus fruit situation. Station WOCB operates on 50 watts, and has a wave length of 200 meters, which does not conflict with other stations in this vicinity.

March 4, 1927 Orlando Morning Sentinel  
2 Local Broadcasting Stations Consolidate 
Plans For Merger of WDBO and WOCB Call for New and Improved Equipment 
Consolidation  of broadcasting stations WOCB of the Orlando Broadcasting Company at Orlando and WDBO of the Central  Florida broadcasting stations at Winter Park, was announced yesterday by officials, the consolidation of the two stations to go into effect Friday. The Orlando Broadcasting company has taken over the WDBO equipment and will rebuild the 500 watt transmitter, operating it temporarily from the present location of WOCB, in the Newell Electric building at 23 South Main Street in Orlando, while the main studio and offices will remain at the Angebilt hotel.  
The new organization is he led by Col. George C. Johnston, President, Jay J. Newell, Vice-President, and William Justice Lee, Secretary-Treasurer; the  Board of Directors includes the above and E. D. Little. The direction of programs and publicity will be in charge of Harold Danforth of the WOCB staff, and James Yarborough of WDBO remains its head of the operating and technical staff. Present plans of the consolidation call for the construction or a modern broadcast transmitter of high power, with the latest models of auxiliary equipment and remote control apparatus; and the new station will take up more intensively that work of remote-control broadcasting. A network of remote lines connect the Angebilt Hotel studio with many public buildings in Orlando, Including the new Municipal Auditorium, the Orlando Coliseum, the Lake Eola Bandstand, the Beacham Theatre, Mandarin Inn, several churches, Rollins College and many buildings and hotels in Winter Park. In addition to the early evening broadcasting schedules, the station plans to broadcast afternoon musical events such as the Royal Hussar band concerts from Lake Eola.
The main studio in room 927 of the Angebilt Hotel will be entirely redecorated and draped in accordance with the improved method to eliminate excessive vibration and echoes. By means of this consolidation, Orlando and central Florida has at its disposal a modern and effective means of publicity, in as much as the new transmitter will consistently be heard in all parts of the United States and Canada. The officials of the new company as well as the operating personnel have had long experience with radio broadcasting and will make Orlando's name well known to the millions of radio listeners who turn to the ether evening after evening for their recreation. WDBO, the Winter Park station has been in existence for more than four years, and during that time has been reported by radio fans the country over. WOCB was bought in Savannah, Ga and moved here a few months ago. It has also been operating  It has also been operating several years. By consolidating these two stations, it is believed that Orlando interests can be better represented than by dividing the work between two different broadcasting stations. Pending a more definite allocation of working wave lengths, the station will operate on 293.7 meters, and will use the call letters WDBO-WOCB. 

Names In WOCB History 

William Justice Lee-1926-Co-owner-Chase and Company & Newell Electric Company
J. J. Newell-1926-Co-owner-Chase and Company & Newell Electric Company
Ed Little-1926-Co-owner-Chase and Company & Newell Electric Company
Harry Maurer-1926-Station Manager-Chase and Company & Newell Electric Company

Harold P. Danforth
-1926-Program Director/Announcer-Orlando Broadcast Company

Jan. 30, 1927 Orlando Sentinel

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