WDBO-AM  580    Part 2 

Original Call Letters: WDBO

Originally Licensed: May 19, 1924 

Original City of License: Winter Park (Rollins College) 

Original Frequency: 1250, moved to 1040 in 1927, moved to 620 in 1928, moved to 1120 in 1929 then to 580 in 1932

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; Way Down By Orlando 

Original Power: 50 Watts

Original Location: Rollins College, Winter Park

Translator: W297BB-107.3 FM-2020

Original Format: Concert programming and college lectures

Network Affiliation(s):

NBC Talknet
NBC News Radio


1924-Rollins College
1926-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
1929-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc. (563 N. Orange Ave., Orlando) 
1957-Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island (later acquired by the Outlet Co)
1963-The Outlet Company ($6 million)
1982-Katz Broadcasting (Purchased WDBO AM/FM for $9.5 million)
1986-New City Communications (New City would purchase Katz in 1986)
1997-Cox Broadcasting (Cox acquires New City in 1997)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WDBO-1924-Variety  “Way Down By Orlando”
WDBO-1957-Pop  "The Great 58"
WDBO-1985-News/Talk   "The Way Orlando Lives"  "News & Weather Leader"

mildred_beery-wdbo-1930's_1.jpg (532622 bytes)

mildred_beery-wdbo-1930s_2.jpg (307437 bytes)

  Dick Ravenhill 1960's WDBO.jpg (61609 bytes)
From Dick Camnitz; "Here's a later 60s shot of 
Dick Ravenhill on the air in the WDBO Ivanhoe studio.
Ya gotta love those big Altec mics."
photo courtesy of Dick Camnitz

WDBO 12-1982.jpg (51276 bytes)
WDBO studio in 1982 when the studios 
were on Lake Ivanhoe  
photo courtesy Dave Edwards

WDBO Transmitter courtesy of Larry "Vee" Flegle

wdbo plate.jpg (50204 bytes)         wdbo2 plate.jpg (49996 bytes)
WDBO license plates courtesy of Dave Edwards

WDBO Bumper stickers



  Courtesy of Chris Trenkmann

WDBO Personalities

William G. McBride-1926-1929-National Sales Manager/Program Director/1940-Educational Director/Chief Announcer/1944-Sales Manager/ 1948-National Sales - Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Carter Scofield-1927-Chief Announcer/Farm Editor-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Walter Kimble-1927-Musical Director/Performed 15-minute organ recitals-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.  In Memory

Lionel Nelson-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Dorothy Morton Parks-gave 15-minute piano recitals-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Woodrow Wilson Crawford-" The Singing Salesmen"-1930's-1952-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.   In Memory

Delmar "Radio Nick" Nicholson-1931-News, Weather, Farm Reports and interviews
-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.   Biography

Emily B. Humphries-1940-Program Director-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.  

Charles "Batch" Batchelder -1940-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.  

Arthur Lowery-1941-Host of "Hymn Time"/Engineer-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc./Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc. 
In Memory

Ben Aycrigg
-1944-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc. 
In Memory

C.H. Scofield-1944-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.
Ralph Montgomery-1944-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc. 
Colin Murchison-1944-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc. 
Marion Nable-1944-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.
W.G. McBride-1944-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.
Sally Martin (Myrtle Carry)-1944-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.  
From Jim Barden "Sally Martin" was the stage name for the late Myrtle Carry.
Myrtle did a women's interest program weekday mornings.

Herb Oscar Anderson
-1948-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.  In Memory
  Courtesy of Ronny Allen Show

Tom Sawyer-1949
-"Sports Roundup"-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.

(James Lawrence) "Bill" Berry-1949-1971-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc./Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island/The Outlet Company  In Memory

Doreen Jones (Doreen Bligh)-1951-Co-host of "Tea for Two"-with Bill Berry-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.    In Memory

Dick Batchelor-1955-Sports Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.

Curtis Gibson-1956-News Director/Sports Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.

Bill Taylor-1959-1972-6AM-9AM Mon-Sat/3PM-6PM-Mon-Fri/1965-1972-Program Director-The Outlet Company
From Bill's son Tom Taylor; "Bill Taylor came to Orlando in March 1959 and followed WHIY general manager Carl Hallberg over to WDBO in late September of that year, to do mornings at 'DBO. In 1965 he succeeded Allen Actor as PD, and held both those positions until he left the Orlando market, for family reasons, in 1972. (His last job in broadcasting was managing then-WBT-FM in Charlotte, near where he'd grown up, in Hickory, NC. One of WDBO's hires during that time was Jim Turner. (Observing Jim's longevity and prominence there, Taylor says "That was certainly a good hire.") For several years in the early 1960s, Bill also hosted a late-morning live TV show on then-co-owned WDBO-TV, Channel 6. That ended when he became the PD at WDBO radio, and needed more time at the studios on Lake Ivanhoe." "...These days, he's retired in the Clermont area."   Biography     In Memory

Fred Bradshaw-1963-News Director-Outlet Company

Bill Stamper
-1964-1977-Sports Director/1979-1991-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications   In Memory

Allen J. Actor-1964-1965-Program Director/Promotions Director-The Outlet Company

Robert Arel-1965-News Director-The Outlet Company

Bob Raymond-1968-News Director-The Outlet Company

Pat Flannagan-1968-News Trainee/1977-Producer for Mike Miller 1976-1978-Host of "WDBO's Nightline"-7PM-Midnight-Outlet Company

Robert Barager-1969-
Newscaster/Marketing-Outlet Company    In Memory

Perry Moore-1970-1984-Mornings-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting     Biography      In Memory

Back row, left to right Bill Stamper, Sports; Wayne Trout, News Director; Tom Barry, Critic at large; George Wilson, News Anchor; Dennis Moore, News Anchor; 
Donna Kelly
News Anchor
Front row, left to right, Personalities: Perry Moore, Mike Burger, Jim Turner, Not available at photo time, Harry D. Cup

Jim Turner-1972-Afternoons/1985-2012-Mornings-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications /Cox Broadcasting

Mike_Miller.jpg (7423 bytes)

Mike Miller
-1972-1977-Host of "WDBO's Niteline"-8PM-Midnight   Biography
2005-Mike became the Director of External Affairs for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority

David Carter-1972-1974-Overnights-The Outlet Company
Jim Martin-1973-News Director-The Outlet Company   In Memory
Glenn C. Lewis, Sr.-1974-Program Director-The Outlet Company
Leigh Morgan-1978-Program Director-The Outlet Company

Steve Nick (Steve Nikazy)-1975-1976-The Outlet Company

Dennis Moore-1976-1980-News-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting
Bob Brown-1970-1980-First airborne traffic reporter for WDBO. From 1952 to 1957, he did the "Skipper Bob Show" on WDBO -TV. Bob was a member of the Blue Angels Flight Team from 1964 to 1967-The Outlet Company    In Memory

Clive Thomas (Clive Thomas Cuthbertson)-1976-1980-Outlet Company   Biography
Jamie Jameson-1977-1978-Host of "WDBO's Niteline"-The Outlet Company

Officer Jim Bishop
-1978-2009-Traffic Reporter-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications /Cox Broadcasting   Biography

Bud Brewer
-1978-1979-Host of "WDBO's Niteline"-The Outlet Company  Biography

Mark Holmes-1978-Intern-The Outlet Company 

Wayne Trout-1979-1986-News Director-The Outlet Company  Biography   In Memory
Harry Cup-1979-1981-Host of "WDBO's Niteline" 7PM-11PM-The Outlet Company 
Harry was a self-described moderate and attracted 8,000 people to Tinker Field on April 19, 1980 for his "Stand up for America" rally in support of the hostages being held in Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini. 
 Biography   In Memory
  Harry's 1980 recording of "Sick American"

Col. Richard Bouchard
-1979-1993-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting  Biography  In Memory

Tom Barry-1979-1983-Host of "WDBO's Niteline"  In Memory

Rick Stevens-1980-1983-Music Director/Weekends/Fill ins. "...In 1982 , Morton Downey Jr. came to do Niteline and asked me to be his producer. I stayed with Mort from 1982 till 1989 as his producer and personal assistant until The Morton Downey Jr. TV Show ended."

Mike Burger-1981-Mid Days-Katz Broadcasting    Biography
Carson Rennie-1981-1982 Host of "WDBO's Niteline"-Katz Broadcasting

Morton Downey, Jr.
-1982-1983-Host of "WDBO's Niteline"-Katz Broadcasting  Biography   In Memory
Tom Blair-1982-News-Katz Broadcasting  Tom passed Jan. 10, 2007 at the age of 68.  In Memory
Tom Blair reporting on traffic

Wayne Weinberg
-1983-1994-Morning news co-anchor. Wayne also hosted "Ask Disney", a one-hour show airing  live each Saturday morning from Disney-MGM Studios. Wayne's co-host was Walt Disney World Ambassador Kim Hursh -Katz  Broadcasting/New City Communications

Tom McCarthy-1983-Afternoons-Katz Broadcasting Biography

Jeanne Carr (JJ McKay)-1983-1984-Traffic-Katz Broadcasting Biography        

Mark Hellinger-1983-1998-Mark worked with Jim Turner, Perry Moore, Bill Stamper, Tom McCarthy, Morton Downey Jr. and Sally Jesse Raphael-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Cox Broadcasting  


Rod Grant (aka Shadow)-1983-1985-Production Director/Afternoons-Katz Broadcasting

Rebecca Randall
-1982-1986-Evening news anchor
-Katz Broadcasting    Biography      In Memory

Rob Newton
Host "Ask The Experts"
-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Cox Broadcasting    In Memory

Bill Patti-1985-1990-
9AM-11AM/Program Director/Operations Manager-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications

Ellen McFarlane-1985-Consumer Reporter
-New City  Communications

Marsha Taylor-1986-Midday Anchor/Street Reporter/1988-News Director-New City Communications/Cox Broadcasting

Bruce Hamilton-1987-1992-9AM-Noon-New City  Communications. Left  WDBO in 1992 for a TV spot in Philadelphia. Also was a news anchor for WESH TV 2 in Orlando. Now at Jacksonville's WJXT-TV.

Dan Shaffer-1987-1992- The original Good Samaritan van driver/Producer/Music Director/Traffic Reporter /Hosted an overnight show Saturday night/Sunday morning/Bruce Hamilton’s midday show producer-New City  Communications  Biography

Carole Nelson
-1988-Noon-2PM-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co. Biography

Woody Wooden-1988-1997-News-New City  Communications/Cox Broadcasting  In Memory

Dave Wahl-1988-2013-Reporter/Anchor-New City  Communications/Cox Broadcasting   Biography
On 4-26-2013 Dave retires after 25 years  

Kirk Healy-1988-Cox Broadcasting

Jeff Slater
-1989-1997-Producer and co-host with Jim Turner-New City  Communications/Cox Broadcasting  Biography

Bethann Shaffer-1990-1991-Part-time Anchor/Reporter/Hosting drive-time “news blocks”-New City Communications/Cox Broadcasting

Scott Harris
-1990-1997-News Anchor/Producer/Reporter-New City Communications/Cox Broadcasting   Biography    In Memory

Jack Kelly-1991-1997-Evening News Ancho
r-New City  Communications

Scott Anez-1991-Sports Director-New City  Communications/Cox Broadcasting
Scott joined Jim Turner  in 1991 as the Sports Director. Scott's a native to the Central Florida area and earned his broadcasting degree from the University of Central Florida. Scott lives in Orlando with his wife and daughter Christine.

Chris Trenkmann
-1992-1997-News-New City  Communications/Cox Broadcasting  Biography

Bob Nyles
-1993-2003-host and producer of  several "Ask the Experts" talk shows on WDBO each Saturday morning from 6AM-Noon-New City  Communications/Cox Broadcasting   Biography

Gary Mandino-1994-2003-Weekend News Anchor-Cox Radio Inc.
Steve Morris-1994-1994-4PM-7PM-New City  Communications

Gina Jordan
-1995-2008-New City  Communications/Cox Broadcasting   Biography

Mike Synan
-1997-2010-Producer for the weekend overnight programs./Afternoon Reporter/Political Reporter-Cox Broadcasting
2010-Mike left to work for Fox 35 Orlando

Scott Hasick-1997-1998-Co-host "Scott and Casey"-Afternoon Drive-Cox Broadcasting

Casey Bartholomew-1997-1998-Co-host "Scott and Casey"-Afternoon Drive-Cox Broadcasting

Bob Johnson-1997-2010-Weekend News Anchor-Cox Broadcasting

Eileen Byrne-1998-7PM-9PM-Mon-Fri-Cox Broadcasting

Clark Howard-1998-3PM-4PM/3PM-5PM/2012-10PM-1AM/1PM-3PM
-Cox Broadcasting

Grace Rabold (Carter)-1998-1999-Host of "Grace Under Fire"/"Central Florida's Afternoon News"-5PM-6PM Daily 

Keith Altiero
-1999-2004-News Anchor-Keith died Dec 19. 2004 after a two-year  fight with cancer. He was 51. In 2001 he won five awards for his work from the Florida Associated Press and a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for his political reporting-Cox Broadcasting  Biography     In Memory

Leonard Birdsong-2000-Sundays-Noon-2PM-Cox Broadcasting 
Birdsong came to WDBO via a contest on the Bob Rose Show, first prize was doing your own hour talk show

Jack Nelson-2000-"Dollars and Cents"-
Cox Broadcasting 
In Memory

Jeff Marshall-2000-News/Producer-Cox Broadcasting    

Levi May
-2000-2012-Assistant Program Director/Afternoon Producer/Board Operator/Broadcast Coordinator for the Orlando Magic Radio Network-Cox Media

Mike Murillo-2004-2011-Weekend Anchor/Morning Show Producer-Cox Broadcasting   Biography

Bob Hazen-2004-2012-News-Cox Broadcasting   Biography
2010-Bob joins WFTV channel 9 as a part-time reporter
2012-Bob leaves WDBO to take a job at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh

Kelly Golden-2004-2006-Kelly came to WDBO from Charleston, South Carolina. In her seven-year news career, Kelly has won several state, regional and national awards including an Edward R. Murrow Award. Kelly was named "Radio News Reporter of the Year" in 2003 by the South Carolina Broadcasters Association -Cox Broadcasting    Kelly left WDBO in 2006 to move back to Charleston.

Joe Ruble-2005-News-Cox Broadcasting


Marva Hinton-2005-2011-News Anchor/Web Producer-Cox Broadcasting
11-2011-Marva leaves WDBO and Orlando to be married and moved to Miami.

Heather Jackson-2005-2010-Overnight News Anchor/Board Operator/Producer of the "Andrea Shea King Show" -Cox Broadcasting
On September 13th 2008, Heather married Bob Hazen  and became Heather Hazen. In December Heather moved up to mid-day producer.
2010-Heather left WDBO to work for sister station WFTV. In March of 2011 she left to have a baby, 
Atlas Hazen who was born safely in a planned home birth. Heather now writes a successful couponing blog and rarely spends more than  5%-10% on any grocery trip. http://beadandelion.blogspot.com

Elizabeth Arenas-2006-2008-News-Cox Broadcasting  
2008-Elizabeth went to work a spokesperson for the Department of Children and Families.

Diana Bosch-2006-2009-News-Cox Broadcasting
Diana left WDBO to become an assistant producer at Cox owned WFTV channel 9

Ron Bisson-2006
-Fill in traffic reporter-Cox Broadcasting

Drew Petrimoulx-2006-2011-
Weekend News Anchor/Webmaster-Cox Broadcasting
2010-Drew joins WFTV channel 9 as a part-time reporter
2011-Drew moves to WFTV as a full time reporter 
Rozzie Franco-2007-Weekend News Anchor-Cox Broadcasting Biography
2007-Within three months, Rozzie moves up to become part of the morning news team as a reporter and producer
2008-Rozzie leaves WDBO for WFLF-AM 540

Zack Stein-2008-2010-News-Cox Broadcasting

Ray Junior-2009-"The Ray Junior Show"-Cox Broadcasting

Emily Cassulo-2009-Intern/2010-Reporter/Web Producer-Cox Broadcasting

Nick Figueredo-2009-Associate Producer of "Central Florida's Morning News with Jim Turner", Executive producer of "America's Garden Rebel Show" and also hosts several Ask The Expert shows. 

Brittny Krause-2010-News-Cox Broadcasting

Ray Caputo-2010-Reporter/Fill-in Anchor-Cox Broadcasting

Robyn Walensky-2010-2011-News-Cox Broadcasting

Ken Tyndall-2010-2017-News-Cox Broadcasting

Amanda Castro-2011-News Dept/Web Producer-Cox Broadcasting

Brandon Hamilton-2011-Reporter/Web Producer-Cox Broadcasting

Patrick Johnson-2011-2013-Morning News/Evening News-Cox Broadcasting 

Jonathan Beaton-2011-News-Cox Broadcasting

Monica Rix-2011-News-Cox Broadcasting

Mel Robbins-2012-1PM-3PM-Cox Media Group

Samantha Jordan-2012-Reporter/Anchor-Cox Media Group

Jerry Doyle-2012-Syndicated-Cox Media Group

Andy Dean-2012-"America Now with Andy Dean"-Syndicated-7PM-9PM-Cox Media Group

Joe Kelley-2012-News Director/Mornings-Cox Media Group


Chad Erwin-2014-2015/2017-News-
Cox Media Group

Kevin Rafuse-2017-News-Cox Media Group

Katrina Scales-2018-News
-Cox Media Group 

Katrina won a the FABJ 2021 Individual Radio News Reporter award

Brandon Hogan-2019-News Reporter
-Cox Media Group

Leo Vargas-2022-R
eporter/Anchor-Cox Media Group     Biography

Jay Edwards-2022
-Producer/On-Air Host-Cox Media Group
George Wilson-News-Katz Broadcasting

The Gordon Brothers

Rebecca Adkins-Traffic    Biography

Ruby Ellington

Tom Marshall-Original Host of "WDBO's Niteline"   In Memory

Bob Church
In Memory

Ed Dean
-Co-host-"Dean and Mack Report"
Brent Mack-Co-host-"Dean and Mack Report" 

Gerald Lostutter
-Producer and Writer-"Dean and Mack Report" 

Kim Smith-News
Bill Hampton
Bob Glascoff-News
Jay Boortz
Warren Croke

Earl Finkle
  In Memory

Ron Hill-News Reporter 

Reagan Smith-Host of "WDBO's Niteline"  Biography

Tracy Dent-Orlando's first radio sports talk show host. "Sports Line with Tracy Dent" debuted in the late 1960s. There was no method of screening calls back then, just a seven-second delay button. Tracy interviewed such guests as Mickey Mantle, Richard Petty, Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Unitas. In 1977, while at WDBO he helped start an independent running-shoe store that consultants told him could not possibly succeed. By the time Dent sold his share of the Track Shack in 1983, the Orlando store was a full-blown success, and continues to thrive celebrating 30 years in Orlando. Dent hit the big time in 1979 when he was named evening sports anchor at WDBO-TV Channel 6.  TV took up much more of his time than radio so in 1983, choosing family over fame, Dent retired from broadcasting.

Tom Fallin-News Director

Donna Kelly-News Anchor

Dana Loesch-"The Dana Show"-Cox Media Group

Dick Batchelor-Political Consultant 

Jamie Dupree-News-Cox Broadcasting

Nikki Pierce-News-Cox Broadcasting
2008-After a stint at WFLF-AM 540, Nikki returns to WDBO  

Tico Perez-Political consultant Host of "Talkin' with Tico"-Cox Broadcasting 

Jim Grant-Traffic-Cox Broadcasting 
Vince McGough

Roger Mann

Donna Howell-News

David Brandau-News

Lee Hall-News Director

Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)   In Memory

Eric Brown-Airborne traffic reporter
-Cox Broadcasting 

Jack Boston-Accuweather

Steve Craig
(Steve Biddle) 

"Dutch" Schaeffer-Interesting story about his part in the "takeover" of  WDBO-FM 92.3   In Memory

George McNeilly-News/Sports Reporter

"Blue Collar" Bob Rose   

David Brinn "Rat Boy"-Producer for Bob Rose

Bill Gephart
-Overnight producer 
In Memory 

Here's Bill as well as the late Tom Blair

Bill Thompson-News In Memory

Frank Samandari-Afternoon Reporter-Frank began his news career reporting and producing TV News in Northeastern Vermont. Frank then moved to Southern Ohio, where he was Assistant News Director for six radio stations in the region, followed by a stint as Public Information Officer in San Diego, California, before his final move to Orlando.

Michelle Wright-Reporter/Anchor for both WDBO-AM and WCFB-FM 94.5 "Star 94.5" now at CNN Radio in Atlanta

Andrea Shea King-"Andrea Shea King Show-"Sunday Nights at 9 PM-Cox Broadcasting 

Bill Frangus  

Jim Hession

Dave Carter

Jim Barroll

Sal Tee’s Solid Gold Reunion (Salvatore Taglireno) (see WHHL-AM 1190

Al Spry-
Reporter/Producer  Biography
Mike Mundrick-Evening Producer/Board Operator

   courtesy of Mark Logas

Natasha Vukelic 

Madalyn Woods-News Reporter (Former BET TV Reporter)                               

Tiffany Griffith

Beth Perrell-Public Affairs Director/Host of "Retrospect"

Marcie Elliot-Traffic Reporter

Glenn Victor-Traffic Reporter

Dave Lopez- Afternoon Traffic Reporter

Andrew Giles-Fill-In Associate Producer for Jim Turner       

Neal Boortz-9AM-Noon/2012-9AM-11AM-syndicated-Cox Broadcasting

John Fusco- Neal Boortz Show Producer

Sean Hannity-3PM-6PM-syndicated-Cox Broadcasting

Mark Levin-7PM-10-PM-Syndicated-Cox Broadcasting

Bobby Mitchell-Nighttime Producer

Larry Gibson

Dave Matthews

Kevin Baldinger-Traffic

Dana James

Mark Williams
Biography    In Memory

Monica Stein

Jamie Jamison-Host of "WDBO's Niteline" 

John Weyrick

Amy Chodroff-Mid-day News Anchor

Jay McQuaide-News

Chuck Deel-Mornings/Program Director   
In Memory

Ralph "Bill" Carson
In Memory

Kilmeade-"The Brian Kilmeade Show"-Weekdays 9AM-Noon-Cox Media Group

Erick Erickson-Noon-3PM
-Cox Media Group

Mark Kaye-"The Mark Kaye Show" weekdays-8PM-11PM
-Cox Media Group

Jimmy Failla-"Fox Across America"-Mon-Fri-2AM-5AM/Sat-3AM-6AM-Cox Media Group

Markley, Van Camp, Robbins-M-F-11PM-2AM, Sun-7PM-10PM
-Cox Media Group

580_WDBO_AM_Sentinel_ad_1959.jpg (156977 bytes)  
Orlando Sentinel 1959
Click for full sized view

580 WDBO Weekday Talent Ad (Jeff Slater).jpg (982902 bytes)580 WDBO Orlando Magic Calendar.jpg (1115710 bytes)

click photo for full sized view courtesy of Mark Logas


1985 WDBO News Team
Front Row (left to right): Rebecca Randall, Bill Stamper, Donna Howell.  Back Row (left to right): David Brandau, George McNeilly, Lee Hall (News Director), Jim Barroll and Wayne Weinberg.

Other Names In WDBO History

Colonel George C. Johnston-1926-1929-President/General Manager/Station Manager-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc. In Memory
Harold P. Danforth-1926-1929-Vice President/Station Manager-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
W. G. McBride-1926-Program Director-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
J. M. Pedrick-1926-1929-Local Sales Manager-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Rosalind Boggs-1926-Sales Manager/Promotions Manager/1952-Program Director-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Robert L. Craig-1926-Production Manager-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.
James E. Yarbrough-1926-Chief Engineer-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.   In Memory
Gordon Willox-1935-Sales Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.

Orval Anderson-1940-Publicity Director-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.   

Robert Willard-1940-Musical Director-Orlando Broadcasting Company, Inc.    

Walter Barden-1941-Chief Copywriter-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.   

From Jim Barden; "...My father, Walter Barden, came to WDBO from a music director job at WFTM Fort Myers (later WINK) in 1941 to be the Chief Copywriter.  With a staff of three, they scripted every word of local commercials and program except for live remotes.  The copy staff scripted and acted a children's after school program weekdays. A good deal of my father's business day was spent keeping in contact with established local advertisers (on foot, to conserve wartime gas ration stamps) He devised enduring local advertising slogans such as "Check with George Stuart" and "Rutland's, doorway to a man's world."

J.M. Pedrick-1945-Sales Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.
Carter Schofield-1951-News Director/1956-Farm Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.

Don McAllister-1951-Sports Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc. 
In Memory
Edward J. Lord-1952-Music Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.
Kathy Lancaster-1952-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.

William S. Cherry Jr.
-1957-1963-Chairman of the Board-Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island  
 In Memory

Arnold F. Schoen-1959-General Manager-Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island 

Carl Hallberg-1959-1979-Operations Director-Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island/1963-Vice President/General Manager/Commercial Manager/1965-Station Manager/Sales Manager-Outlet Company   
In Memory

William H. Goodman-1961-President-Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island 

Chalmers Stromberg-1963-Chief Engineer-Outlet Company

Joseph Sinclair-1963-President-Outlet Company

Julian Bennett-1971-Promotions Director-Outlet Company

David E. Henderson-1973-President-Outlet Company

Alan Ecklund-1973-Sales Manager-Outlet Company

Tom Kensington
-1979-Program Director-Outlet Company

Gary Eaves-1983-General Manager-Outlet Company
Bob Adams-1983-Operations Manager-Katz Broadcasting
Dick Ferguson-1986-President-New City Communications
Richard A. Reis-1986-General Manager-New City Communications
Steve Holbrook-1986-Operations Manager-New City Communications

Paul Duckworth-1986-1997-Program Director
-New City Communications/Cox Broadcasting

Bill Hendrich-General Sales Manager-1986-New City Communications
Mike Krupa-1986-National Sales Manager-New City Communications
Denise Dillman-1986-Promotions Manager-New City Communications  
Tom Bohannon-1986-Chief Engineer-New City Communications  

Jackie Rinker-1995-1997-Local Sales Manager/1998-2002-General Sales Manager
-New City Communications/Cox Broadcasting
Don Williams-1997-1999-Assisstant Engineer-Cox Broadcasting

Jennifer Armstrong-1999-1999-Promotions/Marketing Manager-Cox Broadcasting 

Len Shackelford-2000-2012-Program Director/Operations Manager Orlando group-Cox Broadcasting
Jeanne Griswold-2000-Account Manager/2007-National Sales Manager-Orlando cluster-Cox Broadcasting

Kipper McGee-2001-2005-Program Director-Cox Broadcasting

Susan Larkin-2006-Vice President/General Manager/2010-2017-Vice President/Market Manager for Cox's 6 station cluster

Erin Callaghan-2007-General Sales Manager-Cox Broadcasting
Jimmy Farrell-2009-General Sales Manager-Cox Broadcasting

Drew Anderssen-2012-Program Director-Cox Media Group

Keith Memoly-2017-Assistant Program Director/2019-Program Director/Director of Branding
-Cox Media Group
Jacqueline Meara Robinson-Librarian-Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc.    In Memory

Pete Spriggs-Program Director-Cox Broadcasting 
Maxine S. Dille-Bookkeeper     In Memory
Marjorie H. Pope-Women's Editor

Violet Osborne-Bookkeeper/Secretary

Glen Lewis-Program director

David Bernstein-Program Director/Operations Manager

Tom Doyle-Manager

George Crossley-Sales  
Biography    In Memory

Steve Fluker-Chief of Engineering-Cox Radio/Orlando 

Tom Interrante-General Sales Manager
Steve Avellone-National Sales Manager
Rich Mastroberte-Promotions Director
Amy Lynch-Marketing/Promotions Director-Cox Radio/Orlando
Kristi Nguyen-Promotions Coordinator-Cox Radio/Orlando
Pam Rosenberg-Sales Assistant-Cox Radio/Orlando
Corey Meyer-Operations Manager-Outlet Company

Frank Scharf-Production Manager-Outlet Company

Jack Porteus-General Manager

Carol Lanier O'Neill    In Memory

Violet D. Osborn-Bookkeeper/Secretary     In Memory

Other Programs Carried by WDBO

Arthur Godfrey  from the CBS Radio Network  
1945-46-Mon-Fri 9:15 AM 1949-50-Mon-Fri 10:15 AM

1946-48-Mon-Fri 9:15 AM & 11 AM 1950-58-Mon-Fri  10:00 AM

Last Show

1958-60--Mon-Fri 9:05 AM 1960-64-Mon-Fri 10:05 AM   

1948-49-Mon-Fri 10:30 AM 1964-72-Mon-Fri 10:00 AM

Paul Harvey        In Memory

Gene Burns
Syndicated program from WOR-New York Biography   In Memory

Ray Durkee-"Sunday at the Memories"  In Memory

Larry King-Syndicated

Bruce Williams-Syndicated    In Memory

Sally Jessie Raphael

Bill O'Reilly-2002-"The O'Reilly Factor"

Rush Limbaugh-Syndicated

"Have Gun Will Travel"-broadcast 106 episodes on CBS between 1958 and 1960. It was one of the last radio dramas featuring continuing characters. John Dehner played Paladin. Many episodes were adapted from the TV programs while others were written specifically for the radio version. 
Have Gun Will Travel opening

Tom Snyder and Elliott Forrest-1995-"The Late Late Radio Show"-2AM-5AM

The WDBO-AM mobile studio "The Starship" 

WDBO towers and transmitter building
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The Outlet Company History
The Outlet Company, was a department store started in 1894 by Joseph and Leon Samuels, located in Providence, Rhode Island. The Outlet Department Store sold clothing and accessories at a discount. In 1963 Outlet would acquire the Cherry Broadcasting Company and WDBO. In November of 1980 the department store, which had grown to occupy an entire city block in downtown Providence, was sold. Outlet Communications was now solely involved in commercial broadcasting.

Sounds of WDBO
 Thanks to Chris Trenkmann for the sound files. The voices are Tom McCarthy and James Earl Jones.
These are circa 1992-1993

Paul Harvey stager WDBO Newsradio 580 Bottom Hour ID  WDBO Newsradio 580
Tom McCarthy Tom McCarthy Tom McCarthy     James Earl Jones

Jeannie_Carr_Traffic_Czar_ad.jpg (243067 bytes)
Jeanne Carr (JJ McKay) WDBO Traffic Ad
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