WFYY-FM 103.1

Original Call Letters: WLOQ 

Originally Licensed: 1966 

Original City of License: Winter Park  

Original Frequency: 103.1

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,000 watts

Original Location: 

Translator: W228DF-FM 93.5 

Original Format: Electronic Dance

Network Affiliation(s):


1966-Clarke and Rutledge
1972-Rounsaville Radio, Atlanta
1972-Home Security Broadcasting Co.
1977-Gross Communications Corp. ($210,000)
2011-TTB Media Corporation  ($8,037,000)
2014-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC ($10 million)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WLOQ-1966-Beautiful Music
WLOQ-1972-Beautiful Music/Light Classical
WLOQ-1980-Smooth Jazz  "Smooth Jazz 103.1 WLOQ"
WLOQ-2009-Smooth Jazz/AC  "Smooth 103.1 WLOQ"
WHKQ-2011-Spanish CHR    "Mueve KQ103-the one that moves you”
WOTW-2014-Country "The Wolf, Orlando’s Country Hits and Throwbacks"
WOTW-2018-Country   "New Country All Time Favorites"
WFYY-2022-Rythmic CHR       "The Fly 103.1"
History of WFYY

Staff Announced At "The Fly"     8-25-22
JVC Top 40/Rhythmic WFYY-FM 103.1 "The New FLY 103.1" has set August 29 as the date they'll roll out their new airstaff. Lil' Shawn and Carla will make up
"The Fly Morning Wakeup" weekdays from 6AM-10AM. Carla sticks around from 10AM-Noon. Market vet Murph Dawg does Noon-4PM. Ricky Padilla and DJ Nasty team for 4PM-8PM and "Nights with Nailz" goes from 8PM-Midnight. 

WFYY Personalities

Lil' Shawn (Omar Vazquez)-2022-"The Fly Morning Wakeup"-weekdays-6AM-10AM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Carla (Wilmaris)-2022-"The Fly Morning Wakeup"-weekdays-6AM-10AM/
10AM-Noon-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

DJ Chino (Valdemar Crame)-2002-Weekdays-7AM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Murph Dawg-2022-Noon-4PM
-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Ricky Padilla-2022-Co-host with
DJ Nasty-4PM-8PM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

DJ Nasty-2022-Co-host with Ricky Padilla
-4PM-8PM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Other Names In WFYY History

Stevie DeMann-2018-Program Director-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC
Shane Reeve-2014-Executive Vice President-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

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