WHKQ-FM 103.1

Original Call Letters: WLOQ 

Originally Licensed: 1966 

Original City of License: Winter Park  

Original Frequency: 103.1

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,000 watts

Original Location: Langford Hotel, E. New England Ave.

Original Format: Beautiful Music 

Network Affiliation(s):


1966-Clarke and Rutledge
1972-Rounsaville Radio, Atlanta
1972-Home Security Broadcasting Co.
1977-Gross Communications Corp. ($210,000)
2011-TTB Media Corporation  ($8,037,000)
2014-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC ($10 million)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WLOQ-1966-Beautiful Music
WLOQ-1972-Beautiful Music/Light Classical
WLOQ-1980-Smooth Jazz  "Smooth Jazz 103.1 WLOQ"
WLOQ-2009-Smooth Jazz/AC  "Smooth 103.1 WLOQ"
WHKQ-2011-Spanish CHR    "Mueve KQ103-the one that moves you”

WHKQ History
WLOQ On The Selling Block    7-13-11
Gross Communications owners of family owned WLOQ-FM 103.1 has signed a purchase agreement with New York based TTB Media Corporation. The sale price is $8,037,000. TTB Media is run by Eran Schreiber. According to Radio Info.com "...the ultimate buyer as “Lindemann Capital Partners LP.” Adam Lindemann was the principal of the former Mega Communications group that specialized in running Spanish formats along the east coast."  TTB begins a LMA on August 1.

New Station Hits The Airwaves   8-3-11
The former WLOQ-FM 103.1 now known as WHKQ-FM 103.1KQ 103”  will flip to Spanish CHR at 9PM tonight. The station will launch with 20,000 songs in a row.

SOLD: WHKQ        9-5-14
Spanish CHR WHKQ-FM 103.1 has been sold by TTB Media Corporation to JVC Media Of Florida, LLC. 

WHKQ Sale Price Revealed       9-9-14
JVC Media of Florida, LLC has paid TTB Media Corporation $10 million for WHKQ-FM 103.1. TTB paid a bit over $8 million when they purchased it back in 2011.

WHKQ Personalities

Tony Banana (Antonio Rodriguez)-2011-2012-Morning Co-host-5:30AM-10AM-TTB Media Corporation

Valerie Morales-2011-2012-Morning Co-host-5:30AM-10AM-TTB Media Corporation

Anamarys Rivera-2011-Morning show producer/On Air Personality-TTB Media Corporation

Carlos Durand-2011-Mon-Fri-10AM-2PM-TTB Media Corporation

JR On The Air (Arnaldo Olivieri)-2011-Mon-Fri-2PM-7PM-TTB Media Corporation

Alejandro ‘El Dreamaker’ Acevedo-2011-Mon-Fri-7PM-Midnight-TTB Media Corporation

Jaeson ‘JJ’ Cardona-2011-Mon-Fri-Midnight- 5:30AM-TTB Media Corporation

Carlos Dominguez-2011-Sat-12AM-6AM/Sun-3PM-7PM-TTB Media Corporation

Veronica "Vero" Quiñones-2011-Promotions Coordinator/Sun-7PM-Midnight-TTB Media Corporation

James El "Big Daddy"-2011-TTB Media Corporation

Fernand Reyes-2011-TTB Media Corporation

Luis Jimenez-2012-"The Luis Jimenez Show"-7AM-Noon-TTB Media Corporation

Maria E. Alma-2012-"The Luis Jimenez Show"-7AM-Noon-TTB Media Corporation

Reyna Franco-2012-"The Luis Jimenez Show"-7AM-Noon-TTB Media Corporation

Carlos "Guebin" Molina-2012-"The Luis Jimenez Show"-7AM-Noon-TTB Media Corporation

DJ Chucky-2012-"The Luis Jimenez Show"-7AM-Noon-TTB Media Corporation

Gloria B. (Gloria Broussard)-2012-Afternoons-TTB Media Corporation 

Other Names in WHKQ History
Adam Lindemann-2011-Chairman-TTB Media Corporation
Rafael Grullon-2011-General Manager-TTB Media Corporation
Jeff Stein-2011-General Sales Manager-TTB Media Corporation-

George Mier-2012-Vice President/Program Director-TTB Media Corporation
Lisette Saint-Hilaire-Local Sales Manager-TTB Media Corporation
Angela Cotto-Business Manager-TTB Media Corporation
Michelle Gonzalez-Promotions Director-TTB Media Corporation
Mercedes Contreras-Multimedia Director-TTB Media Corporation


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