WVYB-FM 103.3  
Holly Hill   


Original Call Letters: WAHJ

Originally Licensed: Mar 11, 1994

Original City of License: Holly Hill

Original Frequency: 103.3

Origin of Call Letters: Sounds like; Vibe

Original Power: 3,000 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Hot Adult Contemporary

Network Affiliation(s):


1994-Terzynski Radio, L.C.
1997-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc. ($1.1 million)
2001-Black Crow, LLC
2010-Black Crow Radio, LLC (Debtor-in-possession)
2011-Southern Stone Communications, LLC
2012-Black Crow Radio, LLC   (Debtor-in-possession)
2012-Southern Stone Communications, LLC
2012-Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC
2017-Cumulus Media Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1994-Top 40
WDXD-1995-Country  "Dixie 103"
WVYB-1997-Hot Adult Contemporary  "The Vibe"
WVYB-2011-Hot Adult Contemporary   "The Vibe Daytona's Best Music" 

WVYB History
In 1997, Black Crow purchased WDXD, a small country-music station. The Linns purchased the station from, a group of investors headed by Michelle Trezinski. The station was completely automated and broadcast from a tower owned by Black Crow on LPGA Blvd. The Linns plan to offer locally originated programming and advertising. The current ownership group held the station only as a short-term investment, operating it for a mandatory one-year period. Black Crow Broadcasting, has decided the station, which will be identified as WVYB ''The Vibe,'' will play contemporary hit music by artists such as Toni Braxton, the Spice Girls, Quad City DJs and Alanis Morissette. Like Black Crow's other stations, WVYB will be a Daytona Beach-based station serving Volusia and Flagler counties. The company began operating the station commercial free under a time-brokerage agreement, and without on-air personalities, but added live personalities and offers local programming and advertising.

WVYB Personalities

Rory O'Neill-1996-1999-News-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Brian Holmes-1999-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

Leslie Taylor-2011-News Director-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Michael Butler-2012-2014-Board Operator-Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC
Elliot King-2022-Co-host-"Elliot and Nina"-Syndicated-Nights-Cumulus Media Inc.
Nina Hajian-2022-2023-Co-host-"Elliot and Nina"-Syndicated-Cumulus Media Inc.  Nina leaves the syndicated program in Jan 2023.

Bob (Lacey) and Sheri (Lynch)-6AM-10AM (syndicated)-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

Ammie Olson-Program Director/10AM-3PM-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

Tremble-Music Director/Afternoons-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc./"The Morning Vibe with Tremble & Kaylee"-M-F 6AM-9AM-Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC

Kaylee-"The Morning Vibe with Tremble & Kaylee"-M-F 6AM-9AM/Middays-10AM-2PM

Fargo-Weekdays 2PM-6PM-Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC

Andre-Sun-4PM-8PM-Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC
Kotter-7PM-Midnight-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

John Barrett
-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.   Biography    

Tim Tuttle-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Sedrek Childress

Other Names In WVYB History
Mike Linn-1997-President-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

Stacy Knerler-1995-2012-General Manager/Vice President of Sales-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Nicole Linn-1997-Vice President of Marketing-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Justin Kuehn-1997-Vice President of Promotions-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Taft Moore-1997-Vice President of Programming-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Dave Wrenn-1997-Vice President of Engineering-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

Darla Corrales
-2001-2015-Sr. Account Executive-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc./Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC

Don Wolfe-2011-2012-Advertisng Sales
-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Paul Stone-2012-President-Southern Stone Communications

Gerry McCracken-2012-2014-Group Format Coordinator
-Southern Stone Communications
Barry Brown-2014-Market Manager-Southern Stone Communications

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