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John grew up in Upstate New York listening to "Musicradio" WABC-AM 77. John became a fan of "Kemosabe"  Dan Ingram. In 1979 John graduated from the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting in 1979, then headed to Daytona Beach. In 1980 John  became the Program Director at WZIP-AM 1590.  John would be heard on  WNDB-FM 94.5WSBB-AM 1230WOCL-FM 105.9WUEZ-AM 1400WELE-AM 1380, as Music Director,  WCCZ-AM 1550 and WGNE-FM 98.1 for roughly seven years.  2007, brought John an opportunity to get back in the air chair. John received a call from veteran broadcaster "Kingbird"  who told John WKRO-FM 93.1 had an opening. John is heard Mon-Fri Midnight-6AM and Saturdays from 10AM-2PM. 

9-16-08 John Barrett adds Voice Tracking duties Middays 10AM-2PM on WHOG-FM 95.7. John is also heard on WKRO-FM 93.1 and will also do some work for WNDB-AM 1150. 

WNDB Adds PM Local News   9-7-11
John Barrett will be joining the news staff at WNDB-AM 1150. John will handle newscasts during afternoon drive on the 
Marc Bernier Show
. John is also the 2PM-6PM weekend jock at WKRO-FM 93.1.

WLOV-FM Gets A Voice      6-29-12
Veteran broadcaster and WLOV-FM 99.5 Operations Manager, John Barrett will be the voice of the morning show, beginning July 2.

WROD Flips To Classic Rock 
It’s Official! As of 12:00 A.M. Jan 1, 2015 WROD-AM 1340/FM 104.7 flipped from Oldies to Classic Rock. Frank Scott joins Tracy Dillon in the morning, Gary Meade “The Mad Swede” and Just Plain John (John Barrett), rounding out the on-air line-up. WROD will be known as “The Rock Of Daytona.”

Just Plain John Has Left The Building      3-27-16
Long time CFLRadio personality
Just Plain John (John Barrett) has departed WROD-AM 1340/FM 104.7

Just Plain John Is Back     4-5-16
John Barrett has re-joined Southern Stone Communications WNDB-AM 1150/FM 93.5.

  John Barrett Newscast 2018

Hanging Up My Headphones      6-27-19
From John Barrett  "Over & Out after 38 years. Not necessarily retiring, I will be putting my attention as far as "Radio" in my Online Country Music Station 98FROGFM.COM (and that is something I've been dedicated to for 17 years as a tribute station to 98FROG (98.1) which would have been 30 Years Old this Labor Day), After a long hard look & many months of Soul Searching, Daytona Beach is Home and I don't plan on moving. There are really no VALID LOCAL options here in the Daytona Area as far as Radio (Anything would be a Step-Down and ultimately not much money)...I've been on the big 100,000 watt flamethrowers and there is really nowhere to go after that (Satellite would have been a possible option)...the 128 watt & 250 watt Translators or 1,000 & 5,000 watt radio stations don't excite me!!! So the afternoon of Nov 14, 2018 on WHOG, WKRO, WVYB, WLOV and HOT 94.1 and Nov 15, 2018 at 8:50 AM on The Bennett & Bernier Radio Show on WNDB 93.5/1150 will have been the Last Time I talked on the Daytona Radio Airwaves!!! Not counting On-Line Radio. Thanks You to the many wonderful listeners."

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