WKAE-FM 104.9             
High Springs

Original Call Letters: WKAE

Originally Licensed: May 26,1983  

Original City of License: High Springs

Original Frequency: 104.9

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,000 Watts

Original Location: 305 NE 21st St.

Original Format: Country Western

Network Affiliation(s):

Florida News Network


1983-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
1990-Santa Fe Wireless, Inc.  ($800,000)
1992-Heritage Broadcast Group
1995-Millstone Broadcasting L.C.  ($750,000)
1998-Williams Broadcasting Company
1990-Santa Fe Wireless, Inc.  ($800,000)
1997-Millstone Broadcasting
1999-Asterisk Communications, Inc ($825,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKAE-1983-Country Western  “K 105″
WYOC-1990-Oldies  “Your Oldies Channel”
WRKG-1998-Country Western
WYGC-2002-Country (Simulcast of WTRS-FM 102.3)
WYGC-2009-Sports  (ESPN)
WYGC-2009-Country (Simulcast of WTRS-FM 102.3)
Names In WKAE History
Ray W. Forrester-1983-President/General Manager-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
Gwen Leibstone-1983-1986-News Director-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
John Cenbruch-1983-1984-Chief Engineer-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
Mitch Sands-1984-1985-Program Director-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
David Godwin-1984-Chief Engineer-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
Jeff Harper-1985-1986-Program Director-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
Keith Conway-1985-Music Director-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
Chuck McCay-1986-Program Director-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
Shelia Emerson-1986-1987-News Director-Country Broadcasting, Inc.
Judee Brockett-1987-News Director-Country Broadcasting, Inc.

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