WTRS-FM 102.3

Original Call Letters: WTRS

Originally Licensed: March 3, 1969

Original City of License: Dunnellon

Original Frequency: 102.3      

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,000 watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Simulcast of WTRS-AM 90%


1970-Rainbow Communications Service, Inc.
1975-Tri-County Broadcasters, Inc.
1980-Citrus Broadcasters, Inc.
1982-Asterisk Communications, Inc.
2013-JVC Broadcasting (LMA)
2014-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC  ($3,500,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WTRS-1969-Simulcast of WTRS-AM 90%
WTRS-1975-Contemporary Easy Listening  "Stereo 102"
WTRS-1978-Country  "Stereo Country 102" 
WTRS-1981-Beautiful Music "The World's Most Beautiful Music"  
WTRS-1982-Country "102 Proud Country"
WTRS-2013-Country "My Country 102.3"
WTRS-2016-Country and Rock 

WTRS History
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WTRS.
WTRS-FM began operations in March of 1969 after a group of business owners decided that the rural West Central Florida area needed a radio station. No frequencies were available for the area so it was decided this group would petition the FCC to relocate the assigned FM channel 102.3 from Ocala to Dunnellon. The frequency never went on the air in Ocala, so the FCC granted the request and on March 3, 1969, West Central Florida’s ONLY radio station, WTRS-FM went on the air with a "full service" all hit music format. No one in the area at that time was programming top 40 on FM, but WTRS dared to be different. The format lasted for six years until one of the owners was killed in an auto accident. The remaining partners deiced to sell WTRS-FM along with WTRS-AM 920 to Tri-County Broadcasters. With the new owners, the format was mellowed out and watered down to what was called "Contemporary Easy Listening" which consisted of mellow top 40 hits mixed with artist such as Arthur Fielder and the Boston Pops, Peter Nero, Ray Conniff and the 101 Strings. In 1978 it was decided the modified easy listening wasn’t profitable, and the switch was made to "Stereo Country". After the station was sold, several years later, the format was switched to Beautiful Music, billed as "The World’s Most Beautiful Music." Listeners started complaining to management, stating they wanted the "funeral music" off the air and they wanted the station to bring back the country. New management was hired and the station once again became West Central Florida’s country leader. A year later, the station was sold to Asterisk Communications who later upgraded this small, rural, 3,000 watt FM station to a 50,000 watt country powerhouse. The studios were relocated to Ocala in 1988 where it is consistently rated among the top stations in the Ocala/Gainesville metro. 

From 1975 through 1978 WTRS-FM was known as "Stereo 102" playing a variety of contemporary easy listening music. The format was an early hybrid of what is now known a Soft Adult Contemporary.  Also, WTRS-FM was, and still is, licensed to Dunnellon, same as WTRS-AM 920 and not licensed to Ocala although Ocala is mentioned in the station Top of the hour ID as a dual license Dunnellon - Ocala.

Ocala star Banner 1992

Gainesville/Ocala Stations Sales Finalized      1-20-14
JVC Media, which took over WTRS-FM 102.3WYGC-FM 104.9, WMFQ-FM 92.9 and WXJZ-FM 100.9 from Asterisk Communications, Inc. through an LMA back in May, has finalized the deal. The total is  $3.5 million.  The other property in the cluster, WBXY-FM 99.5 has been sold by JVC to RDA Broadcast Holdings, LLC for $350,000.

New Format Comes to 102.3     6-29-16
The new US 102-3 is The Crossroads of Country and Rock. US 102-3 is designed specifically for North Central Florida. Bubba the Love Sponge mornings, the hottest Country stars like Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line, plus the iconic bands that influenced them… many with North Florida roots like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tom Petty. We don't forget about bands like .38 Special and The Eagles either! US 102.3 is the perfect blend for North Central Florida – highlighting our incredible Southern Rock heritage alongside today’s hottest country stars.

Names in WTRS History

John Morrison, Jr.-1970-1975-President-Rainbow Communications Service, Inc.

Larry Scarborough-1970-Vice President/General Manager/Commercial Manager-Rainbow Communications Service, Inc.

Marian Nell Walker-1970-Program Director-Rainbow Communications Service, Inc.

Alfred Hammock-1970-Chief Engineer-Rainbow Communications Service, Inc. 

Garry Manning-1975-1980-General Manger-Tri-County Broadcasters, Inc.  

Dennis Miller-1975-1980-Program Director-Tri-County Broadcasters, Inc. 

Nate Graham-1986-Overnights/6PM-11PM-Asterisk Communications, Inc.

John Rutledge-1990-2005-Market Manager-Asterisk Communications, Inc. Biography    In Memory

Tony Downes-1992-Asterisk Communications, Inc.  Biography

Pam Grey-1993-Morning News/Afternoons/1994-Music Director-Asterisk Communications, Inc.

Greg Hammond-1994-Nights-Asterisk Communications, Inc.

Shane Finch-1995-2003-Program Director-Asterisk Communications, Inc.
Tom Brown-1996-Mornings

Dave Tyler-1998-2014-Music Director/Morning Show/Co-host-"The Dave, Beth and Bo Morning Show"-Asterisk Communications, Inc./2013-Program Director-JVC Broadcasting
Beth Brightwell-2000-2010-Beth began her radio career at WTRS as a 17-year old Vanguard High School student and eventually joined Dave Tyler and Bo Hamilton to form "The Dave, Beth and Bo Morning Show."-Asterisk Communications, Inc. 
7-10 Beth joined morning man Rick Marino on the "Wake Up With The Wolf Show" on Nashville's legendary WSM-FM 95.5 on July 26,  2010.

Kelly Wright-2000-Weekdays-10AM-3PM-Asterisk Communications, Inc.
Josh Jenson-2004-Program Director/Production Director-Asterisk Communications, Inc.
Chad Brock-(Feb) 2005-(Oct) 2005-Morning co-host with Dave Tyler-Asterisk Communications, Inc.

Just Joe-2008-2011-Weeknights-7PM-Midnight/Sat-10AM-2PM-Asterisk Communications, Inc.
2011-Just Joe has left WTRS to join their sister station WMFQ-FM 92.9

Robb Stewart-2010-Weekdays 3PM-7PM-Asterisk Communications, Inc.
Whitney Allen-2011-7PM-Midnight-Asterisk Communications, Inc.

John Carraciolo-2013-President/CEO-JVC Media

Shane Reeve-2013-VP/Market Manager-JVC Broadcasting

Sarita Negron-2013-General Sales Manager-JVC Broadcasting

Bubba The Love Sponge-2013-Mornings-Syndicated-JVC Broadcasting

Wolf Bowers-2014-Weekends-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC

Steph (
Stephanie Wooster)-2014-7PM-Midnight/Sat/Sun10AM-3PM-JVC Media Of Florida, LLC
Mickey Brayton 
Bo Hamilton-Co-host-"The Dave, Beth and Bo Morning Show"

Kathy Dugan (Kathryn Adkins) Biography
Tommy Edwards-Public Service Director

Christopher Moelling

Clyde Moeller

Ken Armbranch

Terry Organ

Burl McCarty "Captain Mac"

Clint "C.J." Robinson

Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)-10AM-3PM   In Memory

Judi Douglas


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