WHHL-AM 1190
Pine Castle/Sky Lake

Original Call Letters: WHHL 

Originally Licensed:  Jan 28, 1977                                                                                                                                                                                                logo courtesy of Paul Walker

Original City of License: Pine Castle/Sky Lake                                                                                                                                    

Original Frequency: 1190

Origin of Call Letters: Owners Names; Hyman and Harriet Lake

Original Power: 250 watts 

Original Location: Archway Inn 8421 S. Orange Blossom Trail  

Original Format: Country

Network Affiliation(s):


1976-Hyman and Harriet Lake (Holders of Construction Permit) 
1977-Borgen & Murphy
1982-Suntime Radio ($385,000) 
1985-Comco, Inc. ($425,000)
1987-Alleluia Broadcasting Corp. 
1993-Daystar Ministries ($350,000)
2000-Genesis Communications

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WHHL-1978-Oldies  "Golden 1190"
WREM-1982-Adult Standards "Music of Your Life"
WWLD-1985-Tourist Information "Radio World"  
WWLD-1986-Adult Standards (ABC Stardust)
WAJL-1987-Religion (Station sold. WAJL moves from 1440)
WIXL-2000-Business News/Talk 
WAMT-2009-Spanish Language Sports  "ESPN Deportes Radio"
WAMT-2012-News and Talk

WHHL History
From Steve Schiffman: "...The original owners of WHHL, were Hyman and Harriet Lake, developers of Sky Lake (He was a lawyer as well as developer who lived in Palomar/College Park).  I believe they sold WHHL either when they still had the CP or at the time it was built. 

Thanks to "Uncle Russie" (heard from 2PM-5PM Saturdays on WLBE-AM 790) for more history of WHHL. He wrote; "The station originally broadcast in the lobby of the Archway Inn on Orange Blossom Trail, south of Sand Lake road. During it's last year as an oldies station it moved to Hoffner Avenue in Pinecastle.

The Orlando Sentinel
Christopher Evan
Jul 5, 1982
Music of Your Life' 3 weeks away for Orlando
WHHL-AM, Central Florida's only "golden oldie'' station, will sign off for the last time on Monday, July 12, making way for its  replacement, WREM-AM, to come on the air with nostalgic "Music of Your Life" programming about two weeks later. A "Farewell, WHHL" party for members of the station's Solid Gold Memories fan club will be held from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at WHHL's Oak Ridge Road studios, where WREM will soon broadcast at 1190 on the dial. "We'll have free refreshments and we'll be giving away a $5,179 cruise on the Mississippi," said (station manager Bill) Burgess. "We plan to give away some souvenirs, mementos left over from WHHL that people can remember WHHL by." The Federal Communications Commission last month approved the sale of the 1,000-watt WHHL by Borgen & Murphy Inc., of New Prague, Conn., to Suntime Radio Inc., of Villanova, Pa., for $385,000. Suntime is owned by a group of investors headed by Charles D. Schwartz and A.J. Donahue, both of Philadelphia. Also in the buying group is Al Lamb of Huntington, Conn., creator of the "Music of Your Life" programming that the new WREM will use. Two years ago, Lamb's format had 28 subscribing stations. Today it has more than 130, including stations in Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, New Port Richey, Tallahassee, Sarasota and Titusville. Owner Schwartz said Friday that the studios of WHHL are being revamped  "with  brand new equipment, consoles, tape machines, everything. The equipment WHHL is using has been taxed to the limits and detracts from the sound. We don't want to sound like a jukebox." Schwartz described "Music of Your Life" as "the most subscribed-to single music format in America today" and said "the impact in most cases is immediate." Schwartz said the WREM call letters are subject to FCC approval, "but should be approved once we close the deal formally in about two weeks." WAMT-AM, Titusville, converted to "Music of Your Life" last December and has a strong signal in parts of Orlando. "We've been extremely pleased . with the response to it in Brevard County as well as outside the county," said WAMT general manager Larry Weiss. "We've gotten quite a few cards from Orlando, and some from DeLand and Sanford. I'll be interested to see if we show up in the Arbitron ratings for the Orlando market." The ratings are due out in two weeks. Frank Ward, owner of WROD-AM, Daytona Beach, turned that station into a "Music of Your Life" station in September of last year. "I think you'll see something in the new station that you won't believe, and I know nothing at all about how they will use it," Ward said.  "The core target audience is the age group between 35 and 64. Most of these people have been disenfranchised from radio entirely since popular music, which was everybody's music, became the idiom of rock music in the early 1960s. "Simply put, nobody has been playing this music. What the 'Music of Your Life' does is time-warp you. They'll give you a '40s record, a '50s record, a '60s record and a '70s record, and unlike easy-listening programming, this stuff gets you involved. It's almost all stuff done by the original artist." WREM will be headed locally by Jim Shipley, who until a year and a half ago was co-owner of WHLY-FM (Y-106). Shipley, who recently sold his interest in two Charlotte, N.C., stations, will be operations manager at WREM. "We'll have live personalities in the morning and afternoon, and the rest of the time we'll be playing as much of this music as we can," Shipley said Friday.  "The people who we'll attract are the guys who were born after the first world war, grew up in the Depression, fought in the second world war, then got the country rolling again. Ironically, when the baby boom began in 1954, these people had their music taken from them by their own babies who grew up on rock. The Patti Pages, Kay Starrs and Rosemary Clooneys pretty much stopped recording because they lost the radio market." Because of the changeover, all but one or two current WHHL employees will be leaving the station.

WHHL Personalities

Steve Kennedy-1978-Borgen & Murphy 

Sal Tee (Salvatore Taglireno)-1978-Program Director-Borgen & Murphy
Sal Tee's Opening 

Bill Clifford (
Bill Schwentner)-1978-Mornings/News Director/Engineer-Borgen & Murphy      Courtesy of  Steve West

"The Fat Man" (Rick Stevens)-1979-Afternoons-
Borgen & Murphy
Vince Peters (Vince Edward)-1979-Borgen & Murphy

 Lee Bernard-Borgen & Murphy    
Bill Stetzer-Borgen & Murphy

Little John (John Weyrick)-Weekends-Borgen & Murphy

Bill Patti-3PM-Signoff-Borgen & Murphy
Sam Gilkey
Herb Craft
"Big Al"

Other Names In WHHL History
Hyman Lake-1976-Co-holder of Construction Permit 
Harriet Lake-1976-Co-holder of Construction Permit  
Obed S. Borgen-Co-owner-1977-1982-Borgen & Murphy
Kingsley Murphy-Co-owner-1977-1982-Borgen & Murphy
Gary Lusk-1978-General Manager-Borgen & Murphy

Bill Burgess
-1978-Station Manager-Borgen & Murphy  In Memory
A legend visits WHHL


Wolfman Jack at the mic. Lee Bernard, left Bill Gallo right  

The Wolfman and Bill Gallo at WHHL

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