WONN-AM 1230

Original Call Letters: WONN 

Originally Licensed: Sep. 15, 1949  

Original City of License: Lakeland

Original Frequency: 1230 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 250 watts 

Original Location: Lake Hunter Drive

Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

1949-Mutual Broadcasting System
1949-Associated Press
1969-ABC Contemporary Radio Network
1972-NBC Radio Network
1981-CNN and Associated Press


Coastal Broadcasting Company
1957-Noyes Enterprises, Inc
1959-Duane McConnell
1971-Telefan, Inc  
1976-Leonard Marks & Herbert Stewart
1981-Hall Communications

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WONN-1949-Block Programming
WONN-1957-Top 40
WONN-1966-Adult Contemporary
WONN-1980-Adult Contemporary
WONN-1981-Adult Standards-Drake-Chenault-Hit Parade
WONN-1985-Music Of Your Life
WONN-1989-Adult Standards/MOR "The Spirit of Lakeland"

WONN History
Duane McConnell, Ted Covington, and Robert Taylor formed the Coastal Broadcasting Company in 1949 and WONN was put on the air. The original studios were located in Lakelandís Florida Hotel. 

Garagiola Buys Station WONN
Sentinel Bureau Lakeland May 22, 1971
Orlando Sentinel
Radio station WONN has been sold to Joe Garagiola, retired St. Louis Cardinals catcher and co-host of NBC's Today show. The sale was announced Friday and is subject to approval by the Federal Communications Commission.
Duane McConnell, who founded the station in 1949, will remain as consultant. John Gilman, vice president, will become station general     manager. Garagiola said he plans no major changes in the operation of the station. McConnell said the actual transfer will take place later this year. Garagiola said he also had looked at stations in Orlando, Sarasota and Cocoa and if he purchases additional stations, they will he in the Central Florida area. Sale price was not disclosed.

WONN Personalities
Graham Mela-1949-Farm Director-Coastal Broadcasting Company
Bill Snyder-1949-Sports Director-Coastal Broadcasting Company
Gloria Revels-1949-Womans Director-Coastal Broadcasting Company
Bill Davis-1966/1973-Coastal Broadcasting Company
Thanks to Larry Flegle for this info on Bill. "Bill began his radio career as a high school senior in 1966 when he convinced , owner of Lakelandís WONN, to schedule a half hour each Sunday night for the Key Club of Lakeland High School. McConnell agreed, under the provision that he (Davis) produce the shows and be responsible for their content.
Pat "Banana Man" Morgan-1967-1976-Coastal Broadcasting Company
Terry Allen-1971-Program Director-Telefan, Inc.
Dave Day-1984-Program Director-Hall Communications

Jim Greenfield-1995-News-Hall Communications

Jim Hendrick-2005
-2017-"Jim Hendrick in the Morning" 6AM-10AM-Hall Communications  
In Memory

Tim Kase-Mornings

Bud Buschardt-Mid Days

Jeff Rollins

Scott Reese-Afternoons

John Gleason

Carl Hampton
Mike Matthews-Evenings
Jack Grady-Overnights

Woody Wooden-Sales
Steve "Moose" Howard

Dick Goleno
Gary Dennis
Bob Crews

Brian Bruchey-
Program Director
Ron Fraiser
Ed Cain
Jim Stevenson
Buddy Penn
Al "Zany" Dohany
Dulaurence Miller
Dan Sanborn-News Director-Telefan, Inc.
Mike Helminski
Bob Wayne

Other Names In WONN History
Robert Taylor-1949-President/General Manager/Program Manager-Coastal Broadcasting Company 
Thomas Barber-1949-Commercial Manager-Coastal Broadcasting Company
Ted Covington-1949-Program Director/News Director-Coastal Broadcasting Company 

Duane McConnell-1949-Chief Engineer/Business Manager-Coastal Broadcasting Company
John Gilman-1949-Vice President-Coastal Broadcasting Company/1971-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Telefan, Inc.
Larry DeVore-1964-1970-Sales-Coastal Broadcasting Company

Joe Garagiola-1971-1976-President-
Telefan, Inc   
In Memory
Art Rowbotham-1971-General Manager-Telefan, Inc.
Bob Shoopman-1971-Chief Engineer-Telefan, Inc.
Garland Burt-1971-Operations Manager-Telefan, Inc.
Leonard Marks-1976-Vice President-Telefan, Inc.
Herbert Stewart-1976-Telefan, Inc.
Joyce Robbins-Station Manager-Telefan, Inc.

Frank Berry
In Memory

Chris Harwell-Operations Manager
Pat Morgan

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