WHNR-AM 1360
Cypress Gardens

Original Call Letters: WINT

Originally Licensed: Nov 1958

Original City of License:  

Original Frequency: 1360

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 watts

Original Location: 1505 Dundee Road 

Original Format: Adult Standards

Network Affiliation(s):


1958-Angelo Fazzari & Bruce Parker
1964-Winter Haven Broadcasting  
1966-WINT, Inc. 
1967-Suwannee Broadcasting
1972-Vantage Broadcasting 
1983-Newman Media 
1987-Seehafer Broadcasting
1990-George Allen & Steve Samet 
1993-GB Enterprises Communications  ($250,000) 
1998-Frankie J. Grover
2006-Martin Santos
2007-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp.
2007-La Poderosa, LLC.  (LMA)
2011-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp.  
2011-Florida Spanish Communications Corp. ($1,000)
2012-Media Services Group (George Reed-Receiver)
2014-Catco Communications, LLC
2018-Ferris S. Waller (Walco Enterprises)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WINT-1958-Variety/Top 40
WYXY-1983-Adult Contemporary
WHNR-1990-Adult Standards  
WHNR-1995-Urban Contemporary "Power 1360"   "The Soul of Central Florida"
WHNR-2006-Regional Mexican  "1360 La Poderosa"      
WHNR-2010-Regional Mexican  
WHNR-2012-Regional Mexican "La Ley 1360"
WHNR-2014-Country  (Simulcast of WKFL-AM 1170)

Receiver Takes Over WHNR   
WHNR-AM 1360 has been placed into receivership by a Polk County judge. Judge J. Michael McCarthy ordered George Reed of Media Services Group take over as receiver for the station. GB Enterprises Communications Corp. was the former license holder. Edward Olivares won a judgment of $48,020.85 against  Martin Santos, who took over GB Enterprises Communications Corp.  Santos had sold the station to Florida Spanish Communications Corp. in 2011 for $1,000. Judge McCarthy, found that Santos had failed to provide notice of the sale to the court thus allowing Reed to take over. 

Names In WHNR "La Poderosa
" History

Alicia Lopez-Air Personality/Sales Manager
-La Poderosa, LLC.

Jorge Guevara-Air Personality/Program Director-La Poderosa, LLC.

Jose Luis Silva Martinez "El Dragon"-Air Personality/Account Executive-La Poderosa, LLC.

Ed Morales-La Poderosa, LLC.

A. Carmen Frias "El Solitario"-La Poderosa, LLC.

Von Rommell Fernandes
-2007-2012-Account Executive-La Poderosa, LLC.

La Mica-Michele Hayes-La Poderosa, LLC.
Photo by Diego Armando Solis

Veronica Lopez-La Poderosa, LLC.
Photo by Diego Armando Solis

Carlos Guerrero-Chief Executive Officer/General Manager-La Poderosa, LLC.
Photo by Diego Armando Solis

George Reed-2012-Receiver-Media Services Group

El Expresso Maņanero Show
Photo: Diego Armando Solis


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