WVCF-AM 1480  

Original Call Letters: WXIV

Originally Licensed: Oct 25,1962  

Original City of License: Windermere  

Original Frequency: 1480

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 Watts daytime/71 Watts nighttime 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Religious

Network Affiliation(s):


Florida News Network


1962-Orange County Broadcasting Co.

1963-American Home Stations
1979-James S. Beattie
1983-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. ($400,000)
1983-Metro-Orlando Broadcasters Inc.
1998-The Freedom Network, Inc.  ($550,000)
1999-The Freedom Network Of Ocoee Licensee, LLC.
1998-Way Broadcasting ($550,000)
2000-Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc.
2009-J & V Communications   ($750,000)

History Of Formats and Call Letters:

WUNA-1991-Spanish Contemporary 

WVCF History
1991-New owners Juan Nreves and P. Solero of Apopka took control of the financially troubled station and began broadcasting Spanish-language Christian music from noon until the station's evening sign-off. WVCF which is Orlando's oldest Christian radio station, will continue to broadcast English-language programming from 6 a.m. to noon and to air roughly eight hours of Haitian programming on weekends. The station's new owners plan to upgrade the station's signal and work toward taking WVCF to a 24-hour broadcast, said general manager Wayne Burdick.

Names In WVCF History

Louis Christensen-1963-President-American Home Stations, Inc.
Dr. Paul Kessler-1967-Corporation Secretary-American Home Stations, Inc.
E. W. Jeffries-1963-General Manager-American Home Stations, Inc.
Hardy V. Hayes-1967-Executive Secretary/General Manage-American Home Stations, Inc.
Gordon F. Brown-1967-Commercial Manager-American Home Stations, Inc.
Dennis W. Vest-1967-Commercial Manager-American Home Stations, Inc.
James M. Bruton-1967-Chief Engineer-American Home Stations, Inc.
Louis G. Christensen, pres; Forrest Thompson, gen mgr; Charles Jones, prog dir; James Bruton, chief engr.

Bill Curry
(Michael Dwight Kirkland)-1969-1971-American Home Stations, Inc.  
V. Martin Groover-1971-General Manager-American Home Stations, Inc.
L. R. Munsey-1971-Chief Engineer/1974-Assistant Manager/Chief Engineer-American Home Stations, Inc.
James S. Beattie-1979-Owner
Boyce Lancaster-1979-General Manager-James S. Beattie Ownership
William (Bill) Masi-1983-President-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Cecilia Masi-1983-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. Orlando Broadcasting Inc.
John Ondo-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Marie Ondo-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Wayne Burdick-1983-General Manager/General Sales Manager/Promotions Manager-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Sylvia J. Burdick-1983-Program Director/Music Director-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Tom Brannan-1983-News Director-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Dale Moudy-1983-Chief Engineer-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Harold Pickens-1983-Weekends-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Patricia Gillow-1983-Receptionist-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Brian T. Brannan-1987-News Director-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
Charles W. Burdick-1989-General Manager/General Sales Manager-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 
 Larry Basile-1989-News Director-Orlando Broadcasting Inc. 

Wilfrid Meloon In Memory

Other Programs In WVCF History

''Florida Citrus Mutual Calling''-a five-minute radio program produced weekly by Florida Citrus Mutual. The host is Mutual Manager of Public Affairs Ernie Neff.

"The Best Years"-Actress Helen Hayes probably is best remembered for her lifetime of work on Broadway and in films. A series of two-minute commentaries.


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