WYSE-AM 1560

Original Call Letters: WYSE 

Originally Licensed: Sep. 1, 1965

Original City of License:  Inverness

Original Frequency: 1560

Origin of Call Letters: Sounds like; WISE

Original Power: 1,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Country & Western

Network Affiliation(s):

ABC Information


1965-Citrus Broadcasting Company
1967-Citrus Broadcasting Company (New Ownership)
1973-Fleet and Fleet, Inc.
1978-Oz Broadcasting
1984-WKIQ, Inc.
1985-Comco, Inc.
1989-WINV, Inc. (Webb Communications Group)
1997-WGUL-FM ($5,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1965-Country & Western  "The Only One to Turn To"
WYSE-1978-Talk/Country & Western    "AM 1560"
WYSE-1982-Talk/Country & Western/MOR
WKIQ-1984-Info/Talk/MOR   "1560 Q" (Stereo)
WKIQ-1986-Big Bands
WINV-1987-Country  "Citrus County Country"
WINV-1993-Off the air
WINV-1997-Adult Standards   "The Music of Your Life"
WINV-1997-Talk   "Talk Radio AM 1560"
WINV-2008-Classic Hits-Simulcast of WXOF-FM 96.3  "The Fox"
WINV-2011-Licensed/Silent  (10/9/2011)
WINV-2012-License cancelled/Calls deleted by FCC after owners returned the license saying they had no plans to        
                      return the station to the air.

Names In WYSE History
Herman Goldner-1965-President-Citrus Broadcasting Company
Thomas Lawson-1965-General Manager/Program Director-Citrus Broadcasting Company
James Stubbs-1965-Chief Engineer-Citrus Broadcasting Company
David Gartner-1966-Chief Engineer-Citrus Broadcasting Company
James Twtty-1966-News Director-Citrus Broadcasting Company
Emerson Browne-1967-President/General Manager/Chief Engineer-Citrus Broadcasting Company     In Memory
C. W. "Red" Wright-1967-Station Manager/1968-General Manager/1970-General Manager/Chief Engineer-Citrus Broadcasting Company
Julian Keating-1968-Chief Engineer-Citrus Broadcasting Company
David Gartner-Chief Engineer-Citrus Broadcasting Company
James Coley Scott-1971-Chief Engineer-Citrus Broadcasting Company
John Fleet-1973-President/General Manager/Chief Engineer-Fleet and Fleet, Inc.
Nellie Fleet-1973-Commercial Manager/Program Director-Fleet and Fleet, Inc.
John O'Donnell-1978-President/General Manager-Oz Broadcasting
Carolyn O'Donnell-1978-Office Manager-Oz Broadcasting

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