Eustis / Leesburg

Original Call Letters: WEUS 

Originally Licensed: Aug 1947   

Original City of License: Eustis/Leesburg  

Original Frequency: 790 

Origin of Call Letters: Location; EUStis 

Original Power: 1,000 watts  

Original Location: 32 Magnolia Ave.

Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press


1947-Lake County Broadcasters
1949-Paul Hunter
1950-Eleanor Hunter
1952-Paul and Wendell Husebo
1962-Paul and Sally Husebo
1965-Heard Broadcasting, Inc.
1975-WLBE Radio, Inc.
1978-Gene Smith
1983-WLBE 790, Inc.
2019-Q Broadcasting Corp.  ($75,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WEUS -1947-Block Programming (Full Service)
WLBE-1951-Pop  "Where Listening Brings Enjoyment"
WLBE-1988-MOR/Big Band
WLBE-2002-News/Talk/Information  "All American Talk Radio" 
WLBE-2013-50's, 60's, 70's  
WLBE-2017-Country  "Real Country, Today's Stars and Legends"
WLBE-2019-Licensed and Silent  (06/22/2019)
WLBE-2019-MOR/Big Band     "Timeless Music"
WLBE-2020-Licensed and Silent   (04/27/2020)
WLBE-2020-Returned To The Air   (10/30/2020)    "Timeless Music"
WLBE-2022-Simulcast of WQBQ-AM 1410
WLBE-2022-Nostalgia  "Timeless Classics"
WLBE-2022-Simulcast of WQBQ-AM 1410
WLBE-2023-Regional Mexican      "OK 790 AM WLBE"  "Viva Mexico"

WEUS History
WEUS went on the air as a 1,000 watt full time directional and was licensed to the city of Eustis. Later, Leesburg City Manager, Wilbur Harkness, put WLBF-AM 1240 on the air from Leesburg. In 1947, the Chicago owners of Liberty Magazine sold their magazine and came to Central Florida and purchased both WLBF-AM 1240 and WEUS-AM 790. The new owners shut down WLBF-AM 1240, but maintained ownership of WEUS-AM 790 and combined the call letters which became WLBE for Leesburg/Eustis. 

Names In WEUS History
J. L. Brownell, Sr.-1947-General Manager/Program Director/Commercial Manager-Lake County Broadcasters
Martin Kirkland-1947-Chief Engineer-Lake County Broadcasters
Walter  E, Barden-1948-Program Director-Lake County Broadcasters
Paul Hunter-1949-1950-President
Robert Clinton-1949-1952-General Manager/Commercial Manager
Pamela Clinton-1949-1950-Program Director
Charles Castle-1949-1950-Chief Engineer
Eleanor Hunter-1950-1952-President/News Director/Women's Director
J. McCarthy Miller-1950-1952-Commercial Manager
Glenn Weber-1950-1952-Program Director
Larry Curran-1950-1952-Program Manager/Sports Director
J. A. Brimmer-1950-1975-Chief Engineer/Farm News Director
Pat Sullen-1950-1952-Traffic Manager
T. Hoke McCallic-1952-General Manager/Commercial Manager
Dick Coleman-1951-1975-Program Director

E.J. "Mac" McNair-Partner/General Manager

Charles (Charlie) Northrup

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