WQBQ-AM 1410

Original Call Letters: WBIL 

Originally Licensed: 1957   

Original City of License: Leesburg  

Original Frequency: 1410 

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 1,000 watts

Original Location: Corley Island Road

Original Format: Pop

Network Affiliation(s):

CBS Radio Radio


1957-WBIL, Inc.
1960-Thompson K. Cassell
1964-Alpha B. Martin
1968-WYOU Radio, Inc. ($105,000)
1983-Harold Rueben
1984-Major League Broadcasting
1986-Stoehr Communications Corp.
1988-WQBQ Radio Corp. ($100,000)
1993-Hugh McComas
1999-Gateway Broadcasting and Internet, Inc  ($412,500)
2004-Rama Communications ($180,000 with WKIQ-AM 1240)
2009-Heartbeat Radio (LMA)
2010-Rama Communications
2012-Thompson Broadcasting   (LMA)
2013-All-N-One Media Group LLC   (LMA)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WBIL-1962-MOR    "We're Big In Leesburg"
WZST-1965-Modern Country  "Zest Radio-The Cleanest Spot on the Dial"
WQBQ-1986-News/Talk (Stereo)
WQBQ-1987-Adult Contemporary/Oldies ''The Voice of Lake County''
WQBQ-1993-Traveler Info   "Welcome Radio''
WQBQ-2000-Sports     "ESPN Radio 1410" 
WQBQ-2004-Licensed/Silent (9/15)
WQBQ-2004-Traveler Information
WQBQ-2012-Licensed/Silent (1/14/12)
WQBQ-2012-Adult Standards (2/1/12)    "Enjoy Music Enjoy Life" 
WQBQ-2012-Urban AC  "Grown Folks Radio"
WQBQ-2012-Gospel   "Inspiration 1410"

In 1991 WQBQ moved the studios to the Lake Square Mall.

WQBQ Personalities

Chad Taylor-1985-Sports Director/Fishing forecast daily at 7:10AM/Host of "Sports Digest"-8am-9am Saturdays-Major League Broadcasting/WQBQ Radio
Duke Roberts-1986-Program Director-Stoehr Communications Corp.
Don Lesko-1986-News Director- Stoehr Communications Corp.

Bob Green-1986-1993-General Manager/1987-News Director/1988-"Leesburg Tonight" -7pm-8pm-Mon- Fri/General Sales Manager-Hugh McComas Ownership /WQBQ Radio Corp./Stoehr Communications Corp.

Don Kristopher-1987-Program Director-Stoehr Communications Corp.

Jeff Slater-1988-Program Director/Mornings-WQBQ Radio Corp.  Biography

Bob Andrews
-1988 "The Party Line with Bob Andrews"-10am-Noon Mon-Fri/1998-Chief Engineer-WQBQ Radio Corp Biography   In Memory

Joan Wollin-1988-"Talk Back" 6pm-8pm weekdays-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Don Brown-1988-News Director-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Cousin Brucie Morrow-1988-
"Cruisin' America"--Sat-9am-Noon Sat., Noon-3pm-Sunday-

Jessica Smith-1990-''Eye in the Sky'' traffic reporter-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Hank (Henry) Fishkind-1990-A daily financial forecast-WQBQ Radio Corp. 

Bret Taylor-1990-Sports
-WQBQ Radio Corp. 
Sharon Redding-1998-Music Director-WQBQ Radio Corp.
Anne Collier-1999-News Director-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Bobbie DePew-2011-Rama Communications

Vic DeVore-News Director

Lee Gillette-News Director


Mark Logas

Chad Taylor-Sports Director

Eric McKeeby-"Youth Forum"-Saturdays-6pm-8pm

Other Names in WQBQ History

Duane McConnell-1957-Co-owner with Clyde Hodgson
Clyde Hodgson-1957-Co-owner with Duane McConnell

Elmo Kitts-1966-Genearl Manager-Alpha B. Martin Ownership

Robert D. Stoehr-1986-President/General Manager-Stoehr Communications Corp.
Betty Stoehr-1986-Business Manager-Stoehr Communications Corp.
Big Bob Baker-1986-Chief Engineer/1987-Sales Manager-Stoehr Communications Corp.
John McFall, III-1987-General Manager-Stoehr Communications Corp.

Donald W. Connelly-1987-Vice President of Operations/Chief Engineer/1988-Vice President/General Manager-Stoehr Communications Corp./1990-Chief Engineer-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Jay Micheals-1987-Promotions Manager-Stoehr Communications Corp.
Bill Donnelly-1988-Chief Engineer-WQBQ Radio Corp.
W.R. (Wally) Pierre-1990-General Manager-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Dan Connelly-1990-Station Manager-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Andrea Roberts-1990-Office Manager-WQBQ Radio Corp.
Hugh McComas-1993-President-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Jeff Harper-1993-General Manage/Sales-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Lori Lynn-12993-Sales
Jay Wagoner-1994-Chief Engineer-WQBQ Radio Corp.
Bob Moore-1996-General Manager-WQBQ Radio Corp.
Jamie McComas-1998-General Manager-WQBQ Radio Corp.
Kal Rupple-1998-Station Manager-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Richard Ravenhill-1998-Chief of Operations-WQBQ Radio Corp.  In Memory
Bruce Cox-1999-President-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Jan Hall-1999-General Manager-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Don Adams (Michael Holcombe)-1999-Operations Manager

Frank Strnad-1999-Chief Engineer-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Bruce Walker-2001-Operations Director-WQBQ Radio Corp.

Sabatta Persaud-2004-President-Rama Communications                                 

Steve January-2004-General Manager-Rama Communications/2013-President/General Manager-All-N-One Media Group LLC

Red Wright-Assistant Manager

Wally Pierre-General Manager

Steven Delay-Chief Engineer
In Memory

Johnny Escribano-General Manager

Other Programming
1990-Two-minute daily reports from Golden Triangle and Leesburg city managers
1990-Old-time Radio Shows-Hopalong Cassidy

Coverage Map Courtesy Mark Logas

Traffic Reporter Jessica Smith      photo Orlando Sentinel

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