Original Call Letters: WWPF 

Originally Licensed: 1947  

Original City of License: Palatka 

Original Frequency: 800 

Origin of Call Letters: Location: Welcome to Palatka Florida 

Original Power: 250 Watts Daytime 

Original Location: 105 1/2 N. Second St. Transmitter Location: 900 Block of River Street

Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press News
United Press International


1947-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
1957-Hall Communications  ($100,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WWPF-1947-Block Programming
WWPF-1954-Moved to 1260 AM

WWPF History

  Tampa Tribune Aug. 23, 1946             

Dwight McCall
sent along an email earlier this month (Feb 2020) about WWPF and his dad's involvement in the station. It is always great getting information from the source, or in this case, the son of the source. I post this as sort of a tribute to his dad.

"Delighted to find this account of WWPF, the station in Palatka that my father, L.C. “Mac” McCall built from the ground up, including the original concrete offices and studios, as well as the tower.  So, your listing of him as beginning with WWPF in 1956 is inaccurate – he was there from the very start in 1947.  I was fortunate to drive by original site a few days ago, only to find  that, although the tower still stands, the block building is gone.  My dad begin in radio in 1939 at the age of 17 announcing and engineering at WGOV in Valdosta (GA).  With  the help of my grandfather, J. E. Massey, Sr., he moved to Palatka because it was a viable site to gain FCC approval.  In 1958, we moved to Dalton, GA, where he owned and operated WBLJ until 1961.  He remained in radio by doing the complex engineering calculations and mapping required by the FCC for new stations.  He died in 2000."

Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of  WWPF. 
Palatka’s first radio station-WWPF-began regular broadcast service at 800 kHz, (kilocycles back then), shortly after World War II on February 14, 1947. Welcome to Palatka Florida brought local radio service to the area. Prior to 1947 the area relied upon radio service from Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando. In 1947, WWPF programmed a variety of music, news, information and live programming from sunrise to sunset seven days a week. This trend continued for ten years when it was determined night service could be added by changing the frequency from 800kc to 1260kc. The frequency move enabled WWPF to begin operating during the nighttime hours with a full 500 watts in addition to an increased 1,000 watt daytime signal. In 1957, operations on the new 1260kc frequency began. 

Names in WWPF History

L. C. McCall-1947-Co-owner/General Manager/Commercial Manager/General Sales Manager/Chief Engineer-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
J. E. Massey-1947-Co-owner-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Bruce Wilson-1947-Program Director/1948-Program Director/Farm Editor-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Dan Ross-1947-Promotions Manager/1948-Production Manager/Publicity Director/Farm Editor-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Betty Jo McCall-1948-Music Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Herb Young-1948-Commercial Manager/1951-Promtions Manager/1954-Commercial Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Roy Wilson-1949-Commercial Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Robert F. James-1950-Publicity Director/1952-Promotions Manager/Sports Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Johnny Gillis-1950-Program Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Wally Luce-1950-Chief Announcer/Promotions Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co. 
George Duck-1952-Farm Editor/1954-News Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.    In Memory
Chris Hermedes-1952-Sports Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Evelyn Longworth-1952-Women's Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Bob James-1953-Promotions Manager/Sports Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Eric Bruton-1954-Promotions Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Dick Unger-1954-Sports Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Phyllis Ladd-1954-Woman's Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.

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