Original Call Letters: WNUY  

Originally Licensed: Sep 18, 1984 

Original City of License: Scottsmoor  

Original Frequency: 840 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 250 watts daytime

Original Location: 110 La Grange Ave., Titusville

Original Format: News/Talk

Network Affiliation(s):

USA Radio Network

TalkStar Radio Network
United Press International
Associated Press
Florida's Radio Network
Peoples Radio Network


1984-Lorena M. Durocher
1984-Randy E. Henry
1989-Florida Public Radio, Inc.
1989-Arzuaga Broadcasting Group (LMA)
1991-Florida Public Radio, Inc.
1991-WPGS, Inc ($65,000)
2004-Len Radio Broadcasting LLC (LMA)
2006-WPGS, Inc  
2011-Caribbean Broadcasting LLC  (LMA) ($220,000) 
2012-WPGS, Inc 

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WPGS-1986-Big Band/Nostalgia/News/Talk "We Play Great Songs"
WPGS-1993-Regional Mexican
WPGS-2004-CNN Headline News  "CNN Radio 840"
WPGS-2006-Talk (Talk Star Radio Network)
WPGS-2008-Oldies/Talk   "Reminiscing Radio"
WGRU-2009-Smooth Jazz   "840 The Groove"
WPGS-2011-Ethnic Creole
WPGS-2011-Country  "We Play Great Songs"
WPGS-2014-Classic Rock    "Classic Rock 840"
WPGS-2022-Spanish-language Christian music    "Promesa 840" 
Some History Of WNUY
On January 4, 1985, Randy Henry, permittee of WNUY-AM, 840khz, 250 Watts Daytime, at Scottsmoor, FL, filed an application with the FCC, Washington D C to change the city of license to Mims, FL. A copy of the application and related material is on file for public inspection at 2399, U.S. I, Mims. 

Names In WNUY History
Randy Henry-1984-Owner
Charles Hughes-1984-General Manager-Randy Henry Ownership
Jack Moseman-1984-Program Director-Randy Henry Ownership
Archie Sheller-1984-Chief Engineer-Randy Henry Ownership

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