Original Call Letters: WNUY  

Originally Licensed: Sep 18, 1984 

Original City of License: Scottsmoor  

Original Frequency: 840 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; Where Patriots Gain Strength

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime  (Stereo)

Original Location: 805 N. Dixie Ave 

Original Format: Talk

Network Affiliation(s):

USA Radio Network

TalkStar Radio Network
United Press International
Associated Press
Florida's Radio Network
Peoples Radio Network


1984-Lorena M. Durocher
1984-Randy E. Henry
1989-Florida Public Radio, Inc. (Randy Henry)
1989-Arzuaga Broadcasting Group (LMA)
1991-Florida Public Radio, Inc.
1993-WPGS, Inc ($65,000)
2004-Len Radio Broadcasting LLC (LMA)
2006-WPGS, Inc  
2011-Caribbean Broadcasting LLC  (LMA) ($220,000) 
2012-WPGS, Inc 

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WPGS-1986-Big Band/Nostalgia/News/Talk "We Play Great Songs"
WPGS-1993-Christian Talk and Music
WPGS-1993-Public Affairs/News/Talk.
WPGS-2004-CNN Headline News  "CNN Radio 840"
WPGS-2006-Talk (Talk Star Radio Network)
WPGS-2008-Oldies/Talk   "Reminiscing Radio"
WGRU-2009-Smooth Jazz   "840 The Groove"
WPGS-2011-Ethnic Creole
WPGS-2011-Country  "We Play Great Songs"
WPGS-2014-Classic Rock    "Classic Rock 840"
WPGS-2022-Spanish-language Christian music    "Promesa 840" 

WPGS History
WPGS began as WNUY-AM a 250 watt day timer. The original city of license was Scottsmoor. The city of license was moved to Mims in 1985, while still operating under the  construction permit. In 2000, when WWKO-AM 860, Cocoa, went dark, power was increased to 1,000 watts daytime. The WPGS studios are located on Dixie Highway in Titusville with the transmitter is that little "red barn" with the tower next to it on I-95 between mile-marker 228 and 229 in North Brevard County. In 2004, Len Radio Broadcasting LLC. took over management of WPGS and programmed CNN Headline News. Len Radio was hoping to purchase WPGS, but the sale never materialized. WPGS is now a Talk Star Radio Network affiliate.

Tiny station plays hero's role

The Florida Times-Union - Thursday, July 9, 1998
Author: Charlie Patton, Times-Union television writer

At one point last weekend, Joan Heller, who was serving as press liaison for Brevard County's Emergency Operations Center, found herself holding messages from four news operations. Wanting the latest information on the fires that had forced the evacuations of several communities near Titusville, including Mims and Scottsmoor, were a large Orlando radio station, CNN, USA Today and WPGS (840 AM), a little 250-watt station in Mims. "It was obvious which one I would call back first," said Heller, whose usual job is public information officer for the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. "I was going to call the station that could get the information to the people most affected. CNN had to wait for WPGS."  Heller and Jim Baumberger, a retiree who volunteers at the Mims Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of directors of the Mims United Methodist Church, both used the word "terrific" to describe the efforts of the tiny radio station and its owner, Ed Shiflett. The station kept the 4,500 residents of Mims and the 2,000 residents of Scottsmoor, as well as the people of nearby Titusville, informed during last week's fires. Normally Shiflett's small station broadcasts only during daylight hours and carries mostly syndicated fare, primarily talk programs from the American Community Oriented Radio Network (ACORN), headquartered in White Springs. But Shiflett, who works for the American Community Oriented Radio Network (ACORN), made the decision on July 1, when fires first threatened Mims, to go on the air with local reports and stay on the air as long as possible, ignoring an evacuation order that covered the WPGS studio and the rural residential neighborhood where the station's transmitter tower is located. He continued broadcasting for about 80 hours until, with fires under control Saturday evening, "me and my voice gave out." The sheriff's office did not press him to evacuate, instead supplying him with hourly updates. To keep the station on the air, volunteers, including Shiflett's brother Earl and WPGS' engineer, Jay Rowan, went to the transmitter tower to make sure it didn't lose electricity. In the wee hours of July 2, Earl Shiflett climbed the 150-foot tower so he could report the progress of the flames. But Rowan "was the real hero," Shiflett said. "He decided his transmitter was not going to burn down." Rowan and neighbors helped beat back the flames. The tower turned out to be at "the epicenter of what occurred," said Shiflett. At one point, Rowan reported that the tower was surrounded by fire on all sides. Thirty-three homes within 3 miles of the tower were destroyed. "It's only by the grace of God it was saved," Shiflett said. "The whole street is burned except for the tower and two houses next to it." "I would say we talked to them more than we talked to anyone," Heller said. "They did a remarkable job." "Bless their hearts, it really meant a lot," Baumberger said. "They cared about what was going on in the community." That, said Shiflett, is the message he hopes comes through. His radio station, which he has owned for six years, doesn't make any profit and survives only because of the efforts of volunteers, he said. But it serves a real purpose.

1990-WPGS-AM (840), owned by Florida Public Radio Inc. in Titusville has been put up for sale. The asking price for the Christian programmed station is $125,000. Co-owner Carol Henry, who owns Florida Public Radio Inc. with her husband, Randy, said they are selling the station to generate money for the company's other stations. Florida Public Radio Inc. owns WPIO-FM 89.3 in Titusville. That station is not for sale.

2008-WPGS adds oldies to their weekday line-up.

10-2009-WPGS becomes part of the "The Groove" network of stations. Call letters changed to WGRU

3-15-2011-WGRU returns to using the WPGS call letters

6-20-11-Edward Shiflett sells the station to Caribbean Broadcasting LLC  $30K down payment, $190K note. LMA until  closing. 

1-19-11-Ron Bisson and country music return to WPGS. 

2013-WPGS flips to oldies

New Format For WPGS      7-31-22
Thanks to Leo Vargas for this news. WPGS-AM 840 i
s now "Promesa 840" (translated "Promise 840") and plays Spanish-language Christian music. Everything from the previous "Classic Rock/Local 840" format is now online only. 

Names in WPGS History

Sheila Wright-1988-Program Director-Randy Henry Ownership
Walt Nyren-1988-Chief Engineer-Randy Henry Ownership
Randy Henry-1989-1993-President/Chief Engineer-Florida Public Radio Inc. 
R. Ty Epling-1989-General Manager/Program Director-Florida Public Radio Inc. 
Marie Doherty-1991-President-Florida Public Radio Inc.
Joe Bryan-1991-General Manager/Program Director-Florida Public Radio Inc.
John Rowland-1991-Chief Engineer-Florida Public Radio Inc.

Dan Scott-1992-1992-
High School football (recorded Friday nights, played Saturday mornings)/10AM-2PM-WPGS, Inc

Karen Kay-1992-1992-WPGS, Inc   Biography

Ed Shiflett-1993-Executive Vice President/Promotions Vice President/Engineering Vice President-WPGS Radio, Inc.
photo copyright of  www.waltersphotos.org

John Rowans-1993-Chief Engineer-WPGS Radio, Inc.

Jim and Nancy Braumberger-1996-Hosts of "Beloved Hymns" Sunday 8AM-10AM and "Polka Party" Sunday Noon-1AM
-WPGS, Inc

Scott Wood-2003-Program Director 

Anthony M. Hernandez-2004-Chief Executive-WPGS, Inc

Ron Bisson-2011-2013-Morning Host-"Ron Bisson's Real Country USA" (The American Military Entertainment Network)/ 2012 -6AM-9AM /rebroadcast 9AM-Noon-WPGS, Inc.

Dana-2011-Morning Co-Host-"Ron Bisson's Real Country USA" (The American Military Entertainment Network)-WPGS, Inc.
Amanda Guyotte-2012-Morning Co-Host-"Ron Bisson's Real Country USA"

Jeff-2011-Morning Co-Host-"Ron Bisson's Real Country USA" (The American Military Entertainment Network)-WPGS, Inc.
Landry A. Menard-2011-Caribbean Broadcasting LLC
Martine Joseph-2011-Caribbean Broadcasting LLC

Chuck Harder-2012-WPGS, Inc    
In Memory

Cool Ed-2012-"Local 840 in the Morning"-7AM-9AM/Replay 9AM-11AM-WPGS, Inc
Stephanie-2012-"Local 840 in the Morning"-7AM-9AM/Replay 9AM-11AM-WPGS, Inc

Pastor Marty-"Drive @ 5 with Pastor Marty" -12PM-1PM/5PM-6PM-WPGS, Inc     

Jay Rowan
-"Jay Rowan Gospel Show"/Chief Engineer-WPGS, Inc   In Memory

"Buddy"-co-host of "Best loved Hymns and Polka Party"-WPGS, Inc

Marie Barfield-WPGS, Inc

Doyle Frisbee
-WPGS, Inc

Kim Mathews-Morning co-host/Sales-WPGS, Inc  Kim passed away 3-26-08   In Memory

Bill Madden-WPGS, Inc                                                                      

DJ Earl-Host of "The Bobbysoxers, Tailfins and Doowop Show"-WPGS, Inc 

Rob McConnell-"The X-Zone Radio Show"-WPGS, Inc    

Jeff Knight-Co-Host "American Daybreak"-WPGS, Inc                                                              
Paul Gonzalez-"The Paul Gonzalez Show"-10AM-Noon
Jerry Hughes-"Washington on Trial"-Noon-2PM
Joel Vincent-"Vincent and Company"-6PM - sign off
Tommy Powell-"Fishin' n' Wishin'"-Sign on-8AM Saturday
Greg Peart-"Auto Answers"-9AM-10AM Saturday
Michael Crose-"Home & Garden Show"-5PM-6PM Saturday
Dr. Tom Schmar-"Pet Connection"-6PM-8PM- Saturday
Larry Lempert-"Balance the Scales"-4PM-5PM Sunday

Other Programs In WPGS History

"UPI Morning News"-Sign on-8AM Weekdays/8AM-9AM Saturday
Col. "Bo" Gritz-"Freedom Calls"-8AM -10AM 
Ramsey Pollard-"Rambling with Ramsey"-5-7pm Sunday

Dr. Gabe Mirkin  

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