WJLU-FM 89.7  
New Smyrna Beach

Original Call Letters: WJLU 

Originally Licensed: Oct 7, 1988 

Original City of  License: New Smyrna Beach 

Original Frequency: 89.7

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; Where Jesus Loves You 

Original Power: 10,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Religious 

Network Affiliation(s):


1989-Cornerstone Community Radio, Inc.
1994-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation  ($353,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:


History Of WJLU
WJLU went on the air in October of 1989 with 1,000 watts of power. In the Fall of 1991 power was increased to 5,000 watts. In April 1994, the Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation was organized and the assets of Cornerstone Community Radio were purchased for $353,000. Cornerstone Community Radio then moved to Illinois. In October 1994, WJLU again increased power this time to 10,000 watts. In February 1996, WMFJ-AM 1450 was acquired at a cost  of $250,000. August 23, 1996,
WJLH-FM 90.3, went on the air, serving the north end of Volusia County and Flagler County to Palm Coast.  In June of 1997, Cornerstone Broadcasting installed a receiver modulator and character generator at Halifax hospital. Now patients can listen to WJLU. On September 18th 1998 at 2:00pm 97.3 FM was born in Deland. Translator W247AK is located on the Cloisters building 400E. Howry Ave. The translator is 250 watts and the signal reaches Deland and Orange City. Tuesday February 23rd 1999 97.3 FM in Daytona Beach was born. Translator W247AL is mounted on the WMFJ tower on Root Street. This translator is 250 watts filling a need for better reception in Daytona Beach, especially in the downtown area.

Names In WJLU History
Bill Leisner-1989-2004-President/General Manager-Cornerstone Community Radio, Inc.  In Memory  

Bill Powell-2004
-General Manager-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation

Denisha Stearns-Office Manager
-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation

Chris Johnson-Program Director
-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation

Christina Hutchinson-Air Talent
-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation

Bobby Mitchell-Air Talent
-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
Frank Reynolds-Board Member-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
William Powell-Board Member-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
Louis Mueller-Board Member-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
Mark McGrane-Board Member-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
Denis Shelley-Board Member-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
Cynthia Jaeger-Ray-Board Member-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
Paul Francis-Board Member-Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation

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