WRLE-FM 94.9

Original Call Letters: WRLE

Originally Licensed: 2003

Original City of License: Dunnellon

Original Frequency: 94.9

Origin of Call Letters: Location; Rainbow Lakes Estates

Original Power: 72 Watts 

Original Location: 3092 SW Harbor Hills Road 

Original Format: CHR/Religion

Network Affiliation(s):


2002-Power Ministries

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WRLE-2002-CHR/Religion  “94.9 The Heat”
WRLE-2004-Soft Adult Contemporary/Sports/ Religion/Community “94.9 WRLE”

History of WRLE
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WRLE.
WRLE-LP began regular broadcasts in 2002 after long time area broadcaster Tony Downes received a construction permit for the new low power FM station. Downes wanted a community outreach radio station to primarily serve the residents of Rainbow Lakes Estate near Dunnellon in West Marion County. The call letters - WRLE - stands for Rainbow Lakes Estates. Originally WRLE was supposed to operate on 104.9, but the station never went on the air using that frequency. Downes decided 94.9 appeared to be the best frequency, and in 2002, WRLE went on the air. The original format was contemporary hits known as “The Heat” with some religious programming on Sundays and other times during the weekends. However, since most the residents living within the WRLE listening area are over 45, in 2003 the format was switched to soft adult contemporary, patterned after WDUV-FM 105.5 Tampa Bay. Some of the Sunday morning programming consists of live broadcasts from Riverland Baptist church as well as the half hour weekly Powerline program hosted by Brother John Rivers. According to Downes, this brought the station’s programming more in tune with the stations desired target audience which has a median age of 45. And the strategy has worked. WRLE is well received by the area residents and enjoyed by many. High school sports is another big part of WRLE’s success. Each Friday evening during the football season, Dunnellon’s Tiger football can be heard live over WRLE with Downes calling the play-by-play action. No other radio station in the area carries any local sports. Local high school sports is one among many commitments Downes has made to the community as WRLE is very community minded and locally focused. Due to increased interference from WWRM-FM 94.9 Tampa, a 100,000 watt station, in 2005 Downes applied for and received a construction permit to move WRLE from its present 94.9Mhz to 105.7Mhz. According to Downes, this move should take effect sometime in January of 2007.                          

Names in WRLE History

Anthony “Tony” Downes-2002-President/Owner-Power Ministries Biography

Frank Stevens-Sports/Chief Engineer-(Frank J. Vela, Jr)-Power Ministries   In Memory

WRLE control center

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