WNDD-FM 95.5 
Silver Springs

Original Call Letters: WWGO 

Originally Licensed: 1991 

Original City of License: Silver Springs 

Original Frequency: 95.5

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Classic Rock

Network Affiliation(s):


1991-Stoher Broadcasting, Inc.
1994-Allison Broadcasting Group ($850,000)
1995-Hurricane Broadcasting Corporation ($1 million)
1997-Ocala Broadcasting Corp.
1998-Dix Communications, Inc. (Co-owned with WOGK-FM 93.7)
2018-Saga South Communications, LLC

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WWGO-1991-Oldies  "Go 95 FM"
WGGO-1992-Oldies  "Go 95 FM"
WWGO-1993-Oldies  "Go 95 FM"
WLVX-1994-Progressive Rock   "Live 95"
WNDD-1995-AOR/Rock  "Wind 95.5"
WNDD-1997-AOR/Rock "Double Rock-Wind FM" (Simulcast with WNDT-FM 92.5)
WNDD-1998-Classic Rock   "Wind FM"
WNDD-1999-Classic Hits  "Wind FM"
WNDD-2000-Classic Rock    "Wind FM" 

History Of WNDD
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WNDD.
WNDD-FM began operations on February 12, 1992 as an Oldies station, WWGO-FM "GO 95.5". The station was built by Robert D. Stoher who owned the station until it was sold in 1994 to Allison Broadcasting. The oldies programming was provided by Satellite Music Network and remained in place until the station was sold. There were no local announcers on "Go 95.5" until 1994 when Allison Broadcasting acquired the station and the format was changed to Alternative/Punk Rock known as "Live 95.5" with the call letters WLVX. Previously the call letters WLVX belonged to an AM station in Islip, Long Island, New York. Allison sold WLVX to Hurricane Broadcasting in 1996. Hurricane Broadcasting  was headed by Bob Ganzak who revamped the programming to AOR/Rock. The ratings immediately shot up to place WIND-FM in the number two position. In 1997 Ganzak entered into an LMA* agreement with the owner of an FM in Gainesville. Under the arrangement, WNDT-FM 92.5 Gainesville would rebroadcast WNDD-FM 95.5. The concept was known as "Double Rock." Ganzak sold WNDD in 1998 to Dix Communications which already owned WOGK-FM 93.7. The format was changed to Classic Rock. A year later the format became Classic Hits, only to return back to Classic Rock another year later. The WIND-FM Network now consists of WNDD-FM 95.5 Silver Springs-Ocala, WNDT-FM 92.5 Alachua-Gainesville and WNDN-FM 107.9 Chiefland. All three stations collectively cover the entire Ocala/Gainesville metro and fringe markets consisting of 16-counties.

Saga Purchases Four Gainesville/Ocala Stations     10-30-18
Saga Communications, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase the assets of WOGK-FM 93.7, WNDT-FM 92.5, WNDD-FM 95.5, and WNDN-FM 107.9, from Ocala Broadcasting Corporation, LLC.  All the stations serve the Gainesville-Ocala, Florida radio market.

Names in WNDD History

Robert Stoher-1992-President-Stoher Broadcasting, Inc.

Bob Ganzak-1995-1997-President-Hurricane Broadcasting Corporation

Bob Forster-1996-Program Director/3PM-7PM-Hurricane Broadcasting Corporation 
Andy Cacciatore-1996-Sales-Hurricane Broadcasting Corporation
Robin C. Springer-1996-Sales-Hurricane Broadcasting Corporation

Charlie McGraw-1997-2020-3PM-7PM/Production Director-Ocala Broadcasting Corporation, LLC

charlie_plane_2014.jpg (121218 bytes)
When Charlie McGraw is not on the air, he's in the air!      
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Kevin "Crash" Davis-2002-2011-Program Director/Middays-Dix Communications, Inc. 
3-4-2011-Kevin leaves to concentrate on his voiceover company

Hunter-2004-Mornings/2009-Mornings with Richard Dixon/2010-Mornings with Barry Michaels/2014-Program Director-Ocala Broadcasting Corporation, LLC

Richard Dixon-2009-2010
-Mornings with Hunter-Ocala Broadcasting Corporation, LLC  

Barry Michaels-2010-2019-Mornings with Hunter-Ocala Broadcasting Corporation, LLC  
Laura Lynn-Middays 

Don Connelly

Craig C. Baggs

Dave "Hair" Riley

Ernie Mills

Steve Allison

Marc Tillery

"The Night Guy"-7PM-Midnight

Britton Jon-M-F-10AM-3PM  
In Memory
Jon "Byrdman" Byrd-Program Director/Afternoons


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