WYND-FM 95.5 
Silver Springs

Original Call Letters: WWGO 

Originally Licensed: 1991 

Original City of License: Silver Springs 

Original Frequency: 95.5

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 3,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Classic Rock

Network Affiliation(s):


1991-Stoher Broadcasting, Inc.
1994-Allison Broadcasting Group ($850,000)
1995-Hurricane Broadcasting Corporation ($1 million)
1997-Ocala Broadcasting Corp.
1998-Dix Communications, Inc. (Co-owned with WOGK-FM 93.7)
2018-Saga South Communications, LLC

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WWGO-1991-Oldies  "Go 95 FM"
WGGO-1992-Oldies  "Go 95 FM"
WWGO-1993-Oldies  "Go 95 FM"
WLVX-1994-Progressive Rock   "Live 95"
WNDD-1995-AOR/Rock  "Wind 95.5"
WNDD-1997-AOR/Rock "Double Rock-Wind FM" (Simulcast with WNDT-FM 92.5)
WNDD-1998-Classic Rock   "Wind FM"
WNDD-1999-Classic Hits  "Wind FM"
WNDD-2000-Classic Rock    "Wind FM" 
WYND-2019-Classic Rock    "Wind FM" 

Names in WYND History

Hunter-1999-Mornings/2009-Mornings with Richard Dixon/2010-Mornings with Barry Michaels/2014-Program Director-Dix Communications, Inc
/2019-"Hunter and Parker"-5AM-10AM with Parker-Saga South Communications, LLC

Richard Dixon-2009-2010
-Mornings with Hunter-Dix Communications, Inc./Saga South Communications, LLC

Barry Michaels-2010-2019-Mornings with Hunter-Dix Communications, Inc./Saga South Communications, LLC

Parker-2019-"Hunter and Parker"-5AM-10AM with Hunter/10AM-1PM-Saga South Communications, LLC

Chris Decarlo-2019-M-F-1PM-6PM/Sat-4PM-8PM-Saga South Communications, LLC

Other Programs In WYND History

"Sammy Hagarís Top Rock Countdown"-Sat-8PM-10PM

Off The Record with Uncle Joe Benson"-Sun-7AM-8AM 
"Time Warp with Bill St. James"-Sun-8AM-12PM
"The Acoustic Storm"-8PM-11PM 

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