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"I started at WKKO(-AM 860) part time in the Summer of 1982, then moved to Orlando to finish up my bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of Central Florida.  (Graduated 1984).  I was hired at WBJW(-FM 105.1) in the winter of 1982 to do overnights full time till I fell asleep on the air, (I was going to school full time as well!).  I got a traffic reporting gig for morning and afternoon on WDBO(-AM 580) where I was renamed “Jeanne Carr”, reporting traffic on top of the CNA Tower 1983-84.  Upon graduating from college, I took a job doing full time 7-midnight at WHOO-FM 96.5, (Hot Country), named “Ruby Love” and creating a dating show that started on Friday nights and then Friday and Saturday nights called “Ruby’s Loveline”.  It took me to #1 at nights,  that took me to WSUN in Tampa for a short stint until I got offered mornings on (WVTI-FM)107.1 FM with Steve Biddle in 1986-1987.  Created my name “JJ McKay” and worked on my comedy writing and performing chops on the show I named the “Breakfast Bunch”, did great in ratings until Steve decided he wanted to work with his wife.  So I always wanted to live in Oregon, so was offered morning Drive at KWJJ 99.5FM with Brian Norton in the summer of 1987.  Then re-launched my popular dating show in 1988 in addition to my morning show duties and renamed it “The Affection Connection” on Friday nights, went #1 again and decided after a year to create my own syndication company and syndicated the show on 11 stations in the Northwest, then eventually signed with Clear Channel to do a national weekly show, did a TV version on the local ABC channel in Portland and became the youngest woman in America to by a station in a major market in 1997.  Bought another station, did well, sold them both in 2001, and retired when I was 40.  Not a bad career!"

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Jeannie Carr Traffic Czar ad
WDBO-AM 580 1983
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Judging an Ice Cream eating contest 1987
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JJ and Car 54

JJ and Tiny Tim

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JJ and Steve Gumby Monday

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