Gerald Lostutter sends along a video produced by himself and Jeff Steele. Ken Thorne provided the music. What's the radio tie-in you ask? The exterior shots were filmed at the WCOT studios and tower also "appeared" in the film.

From Gerald;
"In 1983, I used WCOT/WLOF's exterior and tower  for scenes in a video, "Late Night Reception", which was submitted to what was then "Late Night with David Letterman" on NBC. A staff writer, Gerard Mulligan, sent a polite rejection letter, citing union rules as a basis for not being able to air it on TV."

Late Night Reception

Gerald explains; "One viewer inquired whether Jeff Steele actually climbed the entire length of the tower at WCOT/WLOF. I claimed "realism" as a premise to coax Jeff to climb the tower. However, Jeff, not desiring to be a crispy human McNugget (electrocuted), declined to do so.
Instead, we borrowed a section of a soon-to-be erected microwave tower. We shot the sequence at WCOT/WLOF overnight. Imagine the morning crew's surprise when they were forced to step-over cables in order to enter the front door of the studios. "Vandals" was a description of staff who dared to alter the equipment without the permission of the station's engineer, Hal Osbourne. I hope that our production is still secret after 22 years, because I don't want to get fired!"

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