WCOT-AM  950

Original Call Letters: WLOF

Originally Licensed: Oct 26, 1940  
Original City of License: Orlando 
Original Frequency: 950
Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: "We Cater Orlando's Taste" 
Original Power: 1,200 watts
Original Location:
Original Format: Adult Standards

Network Affiliation(s):


1940-Hazelwood Broadcasting
1949-Hazelwood, Inc.
1952-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
1964-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp. ($525,000) 
1972-Home Security Broadcasting Company ($2.5 Million)
1977-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
1982-Nationwide Communications  (Purchase price for WLOF and WBJW-FM 105.1 $6.5 million)
1983-New City Communications


1991-ABC, Inc. ($5 Million)
1997-Cox Broadcasting
1998-Thomas Harvey Moffit, Sr.
1998-TM2, Inc
2006-Salem Communications

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WLOF-1940-Block Programming On 1230 kHz
WLOF-1947-Moved to 950 kHz-5,000 Watts
WLOF-1972-Top 40
WCOT-1982-Adult Standards "We Cater Orlando's Taste" 
WBJW-1984-Simulcast of WBJW FM 105.1  
WOMX-1989-Simulcast of WOMX FM 105.1
WZKD-1994-Children  "Radio AAHS" 
WZKD-1996-Adult Contemporary
WTLN-1998-Religion (simulcast of WTLN-FM

WCOT History
In an article appearing in the Orlando Sentinel dated December 17, 1982 it was announced that  WCOT would fill the void left by WDBO-FM 92.3 which was dropping it’s "beautiful music" format in favor of a “Country-Western” format (WWKA-FM92.3).

Names in WCOT History
Gary Mitchell-1982-1984-Program Director-Nationwide Communications/New City Communications
Jeff Steele-ABC, Inc.
Ellen Blair-ABC, Inc.
Rich Cohen-ABC, Inc.
Ken Overstreet-ABC, Inc.

Gerald Lostutter
-ABC, Inc.
Dave Jones-ABC, Inc.
Earl Scarbeary-Co host-Community Tapestry, with Louise Franklin
Louise Franklin-Co host-Community Tapestry, with Earl Scarbeary
WCOT - WLOF Log.jpg (1208572 bytes) WCOT Letter.jpg (276625 bytes)
Gerald Lostutter provides photos of the WLOF/WCOT building. Gerald writes; "...Jeff Steele, also an alumni of WCOT and later radio engineer, provided an opportunity for Dave Jones and I to tour the old (WLOF/WCOT) studios, circa 1997. Dave and I decided to paint a tribute to the legacy of WLOF. Our tribute, a repainting of the WLOF logo, appeared on the studio's exterior wall..."
WLOF_Old_Logo_GL_WCOT.jpg (802058 bytes) WLOF+New+Logo+DJ.jpg (1017491 bytes)
__WLOF+New+Logo.jpg (923679 bytes)

WLOF+New+Logo+GL2.jpg (811081 bytes)

Late Night Reception-Gerald Lostutter sends along a short film produced by himself and Jeff Steele. Ken Thorne provided the music. What's the radio tie-in you ask? The exterior shots were filmed at the WCOT studios and tower also "appeared" in the film. Click here view the video. 


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