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I started in radio at WVGT(-AM 1580), Mt. Dora in 1965 doing a split shift of MOR in the AM and Rock from 3 PM to signoff. I also did play-by-play of the Mt. Dora High Golden Hurricanes football games. In early 1966 WLCO(-AM 1240) went full time Country and I briefly joined them. But in a few months I got the call from Jim Sharp at WLBE(-AM 790) to move up to "The Big Station". Jim was the General Manager but I soon learned that Esther White was the real power behind the throne. From 2PM to 5PM I played Easy Listening, then did an unbelievable, for the times, one hour newscast from 5-6 PM. This was a time when no one else was doing more than fifteen minutes. I did have Mutual News and Paul Harvey and the crop report to play and so I did not have to read copy for an hour. But it was a long newscast. I also did play-by-play of the Leesburg Athletics minor league baseball team. Many of my friends were joining the military, some by choice and some by the Draft. I left WLBE later in 1966 to join the Army as a Private. Early in my career I was fortunate enough to attend Engineer OCS and Flight School. While in Flight School in Mineral Wells, Texas, in 1968, I used my 1st Phone and worked part time at a local AM reading the remote transmitter/tower meters in the afternoons and doing studio repairs on the weekends. My Vietnam tour was spent as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and Test Pilot. I retired in the mid 90's as a Colonel, Army Corps of Engineers and moved to New Orleans. For a couple of years I managed a local AM for a fellow football referee. The last year has seen me back on the air with a morning political talk show, 7-8 AM Central, on WSLA(-AM 1560), Slidell/New Orleans and at My Cajun Bride also does a show that I produce from 8-9 AM Central on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same broadcast location featuring politics, restaurant and movie reviews. With equipment at the right price these days, I have a studio at home and feed the show from there to the station over the Internet. Life is good. Not bad for a kid from the orange groves of Mt. Plymouth. I do miss home.

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