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Bob started doing overnights in January of 1979 at WRMF-AM 1060. The format was "full service" playing AC hit and oldies. Bob got the job through his friendship with Captain Frank Reed who, at the time was at WNBC in New York, would come by the college radio station that Bob attended. Frank was a frequent guest on the Saturday night talk show produced at the college. Frank knew Michael W. Lowe and was instrumental in Bob and Gary Tee acquire their first jobs at WRMF. Bob joined the station just prior to the sale by Fairbanks, in the spring of 1979. By summer the staff was introduced to the new owners at a big dinner party thrown at the Holiday Inn in Titusville. It was announced at that party what changes would take place over the Labor Day weekend on both the AM and FM sides. Plans were made to change the AM call letters to WAMT, without a major format change. The FM would go from Bonneville Beautiful Music to an automated rock format. The station became WAJX "98X-The Album Station".  Weeks prior to the switch from WRMF to WAMT, the audience was teased with "Coming Soon; WRMF will be a thing of the Past." All this hype culminated with a "Thing of the Past Weekend" as the station celebrated their history and the "new 1060" with all oldies. Gary Tee was on the air on that Friday when the song "Those Were The Days" by Mary Hopkins was put on the air followed by ABC Network news at noon. After the news, a recorded announcement was made by the new GM how the station would now be known as WAMT-Titusville. The first song played on the new WAMT was "Hello Goodbye" by the Beatles. 
The Labor Day weekend of 1979 saw also saw hurricane David come through the area.  The new WAMT was broadcasting the annual Jerry Lewis Telethon, live from the Miracle City Mall in Titusville.  Bob broadcast from both the studios and the mall during the telethon. Soon, after the format switch, most of the original staff left or were let go.  Bob was moved from the AM side, and became the Production Director of WAJX, the FM station. Bob was happier doing live radio and now found himself "babysitting" the automation system which had been moved to Queens Street.  Bob was also the "voice" of "98X" .  He would record an "outro" to all the new songs in the rotation. Since Bob was not happy at WAJX, he headed to Melbourne for part time "on air" work at WMEL-AM 920 "Radio 92", a CBS News affiliate, doing weekend overnights.  WMEL was a full service AM with an AC format.  The top of the hour liner into CBS news was...."Radio 92...WMEL-Melbourne.....Where you hear...Your World".  Hoping the management at "98X" wouldn't know Bob was "moonlighting" he used the air name of Bob Clifton. Eventually they found out Bob was pulling weekends at WMEL and was told to make a choice. He didn't - they did. He was let go by WAJX. Two weeks later he was hired at WRKT FM 104.1.  This was quite an experience for Bob; a big FM signal, playing Top 40 music, but only a staff of three. The morning drive personality worked from sign on until noon, Bob Thompson did afternoons and was also the owner and chief engineer. He pulled the noon to 6 PM shift. Bob remembers driving in for his 6 PM to 1 AM shift and listening to the station and after each song there was dead air! Bob soon found out the reason why. Bob Thompson, the owner/engineer would be under the console working on the equipment! Bob never saw any sales people, so he offered to sell for the station before his night time shift. Mr. Thompson never went for the idea. By December of 1979, Mr. Thompson walked in to the studio where Bob was about 30 minutes into his show and said "Bob, I've got good news and bad news for you...The good news is that I'm going to give you a chance to go home for the Christmas holidays. The Bad news can stay there. I've got to let you go. It has nothing to do with your performance, I just can't afford to pay you anymore".  The station was going automated right after the holidays. Bob stayed 2 more weeks to cut air checks.  Now it was so close to Christmas, he chose to go home; back to Long Island, NY. After leaving Florida, Bob worked at WGLI-Babylon, NY which was his last full-time radio work.  In 1985, he moved to television, where he became a director at Sports Channel NY,  Court TV,  Nickelodeon, and others. In 1997, Bob again switched careers. This time, Information Technology.
Bob still keeps his hand in radio currently working at WALK-FM 97.5 on weekends and Sirius Satellite Radio on the "Big 80s" channel.

Bob explains the two videos
"Recently, I had some time and digitized an 18 minute composite of WRMF that Michael W. Lowe created 30 yrs ago this summer! I have had this on cassette since then, and I decided with the 30th anniversary, I would finally do something with it. So, I decided to digitize it and add some sights to the sounds on the air check."  "...back in '79, WRMF's owner Mr. Fairbanks sold the station to "Regional Broadcasting". They were an outfit from Grand Rapids, Mi. In preparation for their takeover, they wanted the PD (Michael W. Lowe) to create a station composite so that they could hear the station. So, Michael asked us all to air check our shows. He edited the air checks down, and wrapped up into this 1979 WRMF Composite.

Courtesy of Bob Alfano


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