WRMF-AM 1060

Original Call Letters: WRMF

Originally Licensed: Nov. 20, 1957

Original City of License: Titusville 

Original Frequency: 1050 

Origin of Call Letters: Owners name; Richard M. Fairbanks

Original Power: 500 watts day time 

Original Location: 

Original Format: MOR

Network Affiliation(s):

ABC Information 
ESPN Radio
Westwood One


1957-Melbourne On The Air, Inc.

1958-WRMF, Inc.
1973-Fairbanks Broadcasting
1977-Advance Communications
1978-Radio Brevard
1979-Brevard Broadcasting Co. (Regional Broadcasting Co.) 
1984-Ogden Broadcasting
1986-Frazer Broadcasting Corp.
1989-Sage Broadcasting (WAMT-AM/WSCF-FM 98.3 in Titusville for $3 million)
1989-Angel Bocanegra
1992-Radio Brevard, Inc ($265,000)
1996-Spinney Broadcasting Corp.
2000-Genesis Communications ($650,000)
2008-Whiskey River Broadcasting (LMA)
2008-Genesis Communications  

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WRMF-1957-Soft Adult Contemporary  "The Nifty 1050" (on 1050)
WRMF-1973-Adult Contemporary Moved to 1060
WRMF-1979-Full Service/Oldies
WAMT-1996-Silent for 3 months
WAMT-1996-Easy Listening
WAMT-1997-Classic Country (Branson Music Network)
WIXC-2000-Big Bands
WIXC-2001-Nostalgia  "Wixie 1060" 
WIXC-2002-Sports Talk "ESPN 1060
WIXC-2008-Classic Country "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Adult Standards  "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Talk "Brevard's Big Talker"

WRMF History
From Brian Douglas; "...I don't remember when it went to 1060, but I'm thinking late 70s...WRMF was a "faux"-Top 40, sort of like WGTO, but maybe a little harder. 

From Lou Josephs come more history of WRMF. "It moved to 1060 in 1973, and until 1978 was owned by Fairbanks Broadcasting (Richard M. Fairbanks),. "I was PD from 1976 to 1978. We also had the FM at 98.3, which split off in 1978 as Bonneville Beautiful MusicJack Simpson's Jazz on the Beach was on the air on WRMF from 1975 thru the time I left in 78 Jack's a great guy. The night jock in 1973 was Billy Stevens who's day job was at the local bank. Seems he did some embezzling at the bank and when that became public he was blown out that would have been in 1975.  Dave Shaw was his replacement."

From Lee Taylor; "That was a weird place.  Transmitter/main studio was out in the swamp.  I remember when they came out and pressure washed the building and I found it out was white.  It had some many dirt dauber nests on it that it looked like it was brown.  I showed up for a shift one time to find a big note on the door warning that a rattle snake was under Marla’s car! They bush hogged the grass out back and uncovered an alligator. It had a weird pattern.  During the day I think it was 10,000 watts omni (directional), and you could get the station really well all over Central Florida, including Orlando. At night it went to 5,000 watts directional, and the main lobe of the pattern threw down across Brevard County to the south.  They claim you could hear it like a local (station) in the Bahamas.  Those sticks out in that brackish water swamp made one hell of a ground plane".

Todd Hyder

There was a little...bar called the Roadrunner about two miles east of the driveway on state road 46 toward the town of Mims. On weekends during the day (which I also worked alternatively with Lee Taylor), it was a huge challenge to get the board all set up during a sports or public service show and make a mad dash for a sandwich to go.  The Roadrunner had some of the best BBQ sandwiches, and I'd always phone my order in and tell them to have it wrapped, bagged and ready for me to grab. Luckily for me, I always made it back in time before a local commercial spot break!  I'm not the only one who got away with this, but I'll not say which one of my coworkers told me how to successfully pull off this stunt! 
One of my most vivid memories of WRMF was when a couple of guys were pulling up into the parking lot and just hanging around.  They would stay for hours and wouldn't go away.  Despite their appeals to get a station "tour," I would never let them in the door.  I spoke to them through the intercom (in the studio) and said something to the effect that my bosses would fire me if I allowed visitors in the building during non-business hours. They left, but them kept coming back a couple more nights in a row.  On the third or fourth night, I ignored their signaling through the intercom and they gave up and went away.  For weeks, they didn't show up, and I convinced myself that the problem had solved itself.  Then, the listener line rang and it was some guy (obviously inebriated) saying he was going to "blow up" the whole #&^%@ radio station and that I had minutes to get out of the place.  Like anyone else, I was rattled and immediately called the Brevard County Sheriff's department.  Unbeknownst to me, they alerted Dale Moudy (waking him up at his home in Orlando) and then called me back to say it would be safer if I were to stay locked in the building rather than risk encountering this moron and his buddies by running outside.  Within 10 minutes, two sheriff's patrol cars came barreling down the dirt driveway with lights flashing.  I was never so relieved to see the police!  A couple of deputies came inside the studio and looked around, while another deputy or two used searchlights to scan the swamps and found nothing.  As would be expected, it was all a hoax.  Dale Moudy phoned me up to confirm that all was OK and I said "yeah, I'm fine"  He and the sheriff spoke in short sentences for about a minute and it was shortly thereafter I went back to spinning records as if nothing had happened...

Jim "Biff" Burns
"...WRMF, based in Titusville was sold by Fairbanks Broadcasting in 1977 to a Phoenix, Arizona-based group called Advance Communications that was run by a fellow named Pat Nugent. This was not the Pat Nugent who was President Lyndon Johnson's son-in-law, although he (Pat Nugent) boasted that many people thought that. In 1979, Advance sold the station before the then three year limit was up to Regional Broadcasting. So what I mean to say is that, Fairbanks did not sell it directly to Regional. Advance sold it to Regional. The general manager during the Advance tenure was Dale Moudy. Regional brought in Al Ruscito. Mike Lowe became program manager during the waning days of the Advance ownership and remained P.D. during the Regional ownership..."

WRMF Personalities
Lou Josephs-1973-Music Director/1976-1978-Program Director-WRMF, Inc. Biography    In Memory         
Kevin P. McCourt-1973-Middays-WRMF, Inc.                                                                             
Billy Stevens-1973-Nights-WRMF, Inc.
Jon Mathews-1973-News Director. Went to an AM in Houston-WRMF, Inc.
Bill Cummins-1973-WRMF, Inc.
Alan Moore-1973-From WAPE (complete with off the wall commentary)-WRMF, Inc.
Craig Hudson-1973-Program director/Music Director-WRMF, Inc.
Larry Knight-1974-Program Manager/Promotions Manager-WRMF, Inc.
Bill Cummings-1974-News Director-WRMF, Inc.

Jack Simpson-1975-"Jazz on the Beach"-Fairbanks Broadcasting     In Memory
Todd Douglas-1977-1979-10PM-6AM-Advance Communications/Radio Brevard/Brevard Broadcasting Co. 
Kris Kelly (Ken Bundy)-1978-Program Manager/Afternoon Drive/Promotions Manager-Advance Communications Net 

Jim 'Biff" Burns-1978-News Director-Advance Communications Net  Biography

"Fast Bobby" Bob Alfano-1979-Brevard Broadcasting Co. Biography
Karen Kay-1992-1993-Radio Brevard, Inc   Biography
Lee Taylor
Dave Shaw
Lee Gregory-(Marla Meyer Grabill)-Evenings
Dan Fiorucci-News Anchor
Alan Thompson-Mid Days

Steve Singer
Nate Webb-News

Michael W. Lowe-Program Director 
Gary Tee
Dade Marco
Paul Goddard
Jeff Mattison "The Overnight Sensation"-Midnight-6AM
Pat "The Rev." Maggio
Paul Gardiner

Larry Spilman   
Alan Wilkerson
Judy Jorolan-News
Tom Gilligan-Overnights
Alan Thompson-Mid-days
Dade Marko
Michael Kelly-News Director

Other Names In WRMF History
Richard M. Fairbanks-1957-President-Melbourne On The Air, Inc./1958-President-WRMF, Inc.
R. L. "Bob" Bright-1957-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Melbourne On The Air, Inc./1958-General Manager/ Commercial Manager-WRMF, Inc./1959-General Manager/Commercial Manager/News Director-WRMF, Inc/1960-General Manager/Commercial Manager/News Director/Program Director-WRMF, Inc/1962-Secretary Treasurer/General Manager -WRMF, Inc   In Memory
Palmer Boland-1970-1974-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Fred Chapman-1974-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Alan Sterger-1974-1977-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Mark McKibben-1977-Chief Engineer-Advance Communications
F. P. (Pat) Nugent-1978-President-Advance Communications 
Dale Moudy-1978-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Advance Communications 
Al Ruscito-1978-General Manager
John Miller-Engineer
Bob Alfano supplies photos from his time at WRMF click photos for a full sized view 

Bob Alfano and Steve Singer (standing) 

Bob Alfano on the air

The Gates Console

The AM transmitter  

"Biff" Burns in the newsroom 

Bob Alfano explains the two videos
"Recently, I had some time and digitized an 18 minute composite of WRMF that Michael W. Lowe created 30 yrs ago this summer! I have had this on cassette since then, and I decided with the 30th anniversary, I would finally do something with it. So, I decided to digitize it and add some sights to the sounds on the air check."  "...back in '79, WRMF's owner Mr. Fairbanks sold the station to "Regional Broadcasting". They were an outfit from Grand Rapids, Mi. In preparation for their takeover, they wanted the PD (Michael W. Lowe) to create a station composite so that they could hear the station. So, Michael asked us all to air check our shows. He edited the air checks down, and wrapped up into this 1979 WRMF Composite.

Courtesy of Bob Alfano

Courtesy of Bob Alfano

Fairbanks Broadcasting
Fairbanks Broadcasting was founded in 1948 to purchase WIBC-AM 1070 in Indianapolis. Fairbanks (who was the last surviving grandson of Teddy Roosevelt's vice president, Charles W. Fairbanks) sold most of his properties in the last decade, leaving just WKOX. He died in August of 2000 at the age of 88. 


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