Cary Pall  Biography

Cary Pall was WMMO's founding programmer and its chief engineer and operator during its first four years of operation. (See WMMO History for more).
Cary has gone on to become the group program director for Liberty Broadcasting, Goodstar Broadcasting, a network program director for ABC Radio in Dallas, then an operations manager for Clear Channel's cluster in Northwest Ohio.  He is now based in Columbus, Ohio as a consultant and is "shopping around" for a small station to run as a "mom-and-pop" operation.  Cary has been a consultant for many years to WRHQ in Savannah, a clone of Orlando's WMMO  that does very well in its market. 
Cary says "...WMMO was a very special station, unlike anything else out there.  The fact that it still exists pretty much as it did then is a testament to that.  I miss being's like my other child."

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